Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Zoya Neeka, Zara, and Charity

Hey there everyone, hopefully I won't have such a hard time getting pictures added to this post as I did the last. OMG, it was ridiculous. First I typed everything up on my laptop, because I tried to add the pictures from my laptop and it wouldn't do it. It just kept telling me there was a problem saving. So I typed everything up on my laptop since that way I at least had keys to type on and I didn't have to one finger tap it all out on my kindle. Well, after that I went to my kindle and attempted to add the pictures that I took, which should have automatically shared via the amazon cloud to my kindle, they didn't.  I had to go to my cell phone (which I take pictures with) and share the specific pictures. After that I got back on my kindle found the pictures and tried to add them all. Oh yeah that so did not work out for me. It added 3. The other 3? Lost in internet space somewhere.  Since they wouldn't show up, even after I tried adding them again, I saved it on my kindle and opened on the laptop to see if maybe the laptop gods would take mercy on me and let me open the post and add the remaining pictures on there. No such luck. But on the up side the other pictures were no longer lost it showed all of them, sort of. So I saved it and closed it on my laptop and went back to my kindle, where I had to delete all the extra pictures that now showed as the little broken picture icon (there were about 15). Then I saved again and with my fingers crossed to add the other 3 pictures that I still needed. And luckily, ta-da, it finally all came together! So I published it and called it good. Then I decided since it was so much fun to do that one I would start with all the other behind posts that I have. Yes, I know, you're all very jealous of the extremely tedious task that I have ahead of me :)

Alright folks, onto what you probably really came here for. To see what I have to share with you regarding Zoya's Neeka, Zara, and Charity. I will start out with Neeka.  This polish was a bit streaky on the first coat. Continued to pull and streak on the second coat, after what I considered enough dry time to apply the next coat.  I attempted to use these the same as I do all my indie's and it's just not meeting my "new" standards. I have 2 ish coats on of this polish, went through and did my best to even out the streaky spots. This is a deep plum with gold flecks and multi shimmers.  It's a pretty color but the formula is just not for me.

Next up is Zara, this is a light purple with gold/orange/red shimmers.  I applied 2 thick coats of this polish and was much happier with this one. Application was much much better. I really like this one. My favorite of the three.

Last up is Charity, which is a dusty rose/mauve with gold/orange/red shimmers. I applied 2 thick coats of this one also.  The application of this one wasn't quite as smooth as Zara, but it was still much better than Neeka.

I think after this I may just stick to the indies. They always seem to satisfy much better than these polishes did. I still can't add links so I apologize for that. I will save this here on the laptop and hope over to my kindle and see if I can add them from there!

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon to see what else I have for you.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


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