Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Bad Experience :( Polish+Plus aka Polish+AssKicking aka Wicked Tips aka Nail Candy Plus

Alright, I know that some of you ladies are friends with or like this person, and I am sorry that I have to make this post but I feel that it has become necessary.  Unfortunately some people think that creating and selling quality Indie polish is an easy thing to do.  Well they are sadly mistaken and obviously did not do enough research or testing of their own products.  You unfortunately can not just through some glitter in a base, add some pigment, and sell.  You do need to let your product sit for at least a month, if you are using larger glitters you need to let it sit longer, before you sell to people, because problems can arise with glitters and bases and pigments over time.  Which will be shown here.

I currently have 4 polishes in my possession created by Tina of what is now called Polish+Asskicking, because apparently she now considers herself up there with Lynnderella.  After the whole debacle with Lynnderella, Tina made some posts herself ranting like a 5 year old about people talking bad about her and her polishes.  I will tell you right now that it was me, and I was talking to a very good friend of mine about them and only her.  I felt comfortable doing this, because she too had a bad experience with Tina.  We were not back stabbing her or anything like that, what I said to Jen I had already said to Tina. But there were some childish posts made on facebook and some things said that made Tina jump to the conclusion that people were talking behind her back.  Sorry Tina, you're not that important, we were just discussing how we both got screwed by you with your less than standard polish. (I am sorry everyone I may at times revert to 5 year old behavior myself, but I am just fed up)

Jen of Jen's Nail Files was the first to purchase one of Tina's creations, Rainbow Bright, which at the time was a "one of kind" "never to be made again".  Then when Tina realized that others like it, she decided to heck with what she had told Jen and she created large amounts and sold it to more people.  So she ultimately lied to Jen when she said she wouldn't create it again, which yes is her right but is pretty shady business practice in my opinion.  Least to say Jen was not impressed with this polish, because she found it impossible to work with.  It is very thick and very goopy (I know not a word, but hey it's the best description I can come up with right now).  It also has very long dry times, I let one coat dry on a false nail for 20 minutes and it still smeared. Here are the pictures of it:

This is what the brush looks like taken right out of the bottle. No dripping of any kind.

This shows one coat which was difficult to get to lay evenly.  When it does it's a fairly nice looking polish but has horrible dry time.

After 20 minutes it was still wet to the touch. I tested it to see if it was dry and it came off on my finger.

Jen sent this to me, so that I could attempt to thin it out a little bit and make it workable. I have not tried yet.

So while this was on it's way to me, Tina released some polishes that really did look lovely in the pictures she posted for $4 for a mini.  Now I did think this was a little bit steep since she is just starting out, but I figured what do I know.  Well I should have listened to that little voice in my head saying don't do it!! Because I have had nothing but problems since I ordered this polish from her.

First she charged me over $5 for shipping costs and materials.  Seriously people since when does it cost $3 for a bubble mailer and some bubble wrap??  But whatever.  I paid $1.95 for shipping, $1.49 for a 5.75X8.75 inch bubble mailer from the U.S. Postal service. I guess the rest was for bubble wrap. So very inflated shipping costs, just so you know. But I went ahead and figured I would give her the benefit of the doubt even though Jen kindly warned me against it.

So I ordered Tina's Call to Arms, which appears to be a black jellyish base with semi large khaki green hex glitters, smaller holo hex glitters, and even smaller black and holo glitters.  It looked wonderful in the picture she posted and it looked nice when I got it.  Until the next day, when I looked at it and all the larger hex glitters had started to curl.

This is the first day I noticed the curling.

This is now. It's even dull looking. And as you can see the hex glitters have curled worse.



The polish is now dried and goopy.  Hardly any comes out on the brush what so ever.

Now this could have all been avoided had she tested her glitters in her base before she sold them.  All she would have had to do was let it sit for at least a month to make sure there were no issues.  Obviously she didn't.  So I emailed her and told her about the problem.  And she responded fairly quickly saying she was sorry and that she had let it sit there for a while.  Her while is less than a week, I went back and looked on her page when she posted that she got her glitter and then when she got her base and then when she posted the polishes.  Not enough time to test out the glitters.  But my fault, because I should have done this research before I purchased from her. So she asked if she could send me something else.  To which I said that would work, but I would prefer smaller glitters this time around.  Along with a list of 4 polishes letting her know that they were in order of liked most to least.  And I sent her the bottle shot, so that she could see I wasn't making it up. She said that she would send me the first one from my list the next day. At this point I was understanding even though I was pretty upset that the color I purchased was junk. But she was willing to replace it right away and with my next pick out of her polishes. So I figured that was the next best thing to getting a refund, which seemed pointless after all the shipping expenses. So then the next day comes and I am grocery shopping with my 3 kids and get a message on facebook from her saying that someone decided they wanted to purchase the polish that was first on my list so she was going to sell it to that person and send me 2 off my list instead. At this point I'm mad. Because that seems very rude and not very businesslike to me. I already paid for a polish it is not my fault that they polish I purchased was crappy.  So she then asks for my shipping info, this is on the 13th, and say she is shipping that day. So I wait and wait and wait and wait some more. Until I finally message her on the 20th and ask if she shipped the polish or what the heck was going on. To which she tells me no, she didn't, because she didn't have the money.  Really!?! someone supposedly just purchased the polish that should have been mine, and you don't have money to ship mine?!? I don't respond to her though, and the next day she messages me and says she shipped that day.  I say Thank you.

In the midst of this is the Lynnderella drama.  And Tina jumps on that band wagon apparently thinking that she can now do and say whatever she wants and makes a comment on Facebook about closing her page and blah blah blah.  Then the next day she's not closing, but she is selling her shoddy polish to some poor unassuming Salon near her. I am thinking oh my gosh those poor people. Somewhere in there she apparently closed her page or it was when she changed the name, I'm not sure, but someone asked where she went and Jen commented saying "Her personal page still exists. Perhaps she didn't take to the feedback regarding her polishes? I know there were a couple people less than pleased with her product." To which she answered "Eh they can kiss it. People opinions dont hit me that strongly. Besides Noone told ME they must have just complained to others." Now I'm sure Jen was referring to me and I'm assuming herself.  If there are others I don't know. But then she started posting 5 year old rants and that was just icing on the cake of me already not being happy with her customer service skills.

So today I get a package from her with 2 mini polishes in it.  One I find out after much research is one that I had asked for, which I wouldn't have done if the picture looked anything like the polish in real life. Here they are:

Now I'm sorry, but these are colors that I could go to Walmart and buy for 99 cents. These are not lovely Indie creations. She sent me one that I didn't ask for at all and never would have (the pink) and the one that I liked a little bit but least out of the ones that I did like. Really come on.

These are also, very thick and not easy to work with.

These are not as thick as the others, but then they don't have any real glitter in them so why would they be. 

They are however still a pain to work with.

This is 3 thick coats to get a semi even look.  This went on very streaky and has horrible coverage.

Between the two angles you can see the "bare" spots.

This has so many flakies in it that it dries lumpy but most of the time you can't even see the flakies. This is again 3 thick coats. 

This color was also, very streaky and left bare spots.

So I messaged her and told her "Received the replacement polishes today. Not entirely happy with them. They are pretty yes, but not really something that I would have paid $4. Not to mention the $5 that you charged me for shipping and then when I got the package the first time the sticker said $1.95 for shipping or something close to that." To which she responded
  • I'm sorry I dunno what to do though. I dont have money to send anything else and one of them you actually asked for.
  • And yes it may have said whatever price to ship however the packaging is not free and not always cheap.

    At this point I am really very offended by her previous statements and comments, and just plain fed up with her. So I respond back " Yes one of them I did ask for, it was the last one on the list of 4 that I liked, which means that I liked it the least, and it doesn't look anything at all like the picture that I looked at, so I didn't even realize until I went through the album that I had asked for it. And the one that I would have wanted the most CeCe you sold to someone else, after I had told you that that was the one I would have wanted the most in place of the one that I obviously liked the most since I paid such a redundant amount of money for it, coming from someone who obviously did not properly test out her products. So I apologize for obviously wasting your time since you can not be bothered to have decent customer service skills. And I do understand that shipping materials are not free, I am not a fucking idiot thank you. But I am 100% sure that there are bubble mailers cheaper than $1.49. I promise, I've seen them. So obviously this is all completely my fault for giving you the benefit of the doubt even though I had previously heard bad things about your polish mixing skills or lack there of."

    Now I know that my response was a little harsh, but seriously? How do expect to replace a glitter polish with 2 shimmery polishes?? And I'm not trying to be rude or mean but these are colors that I can purchase at the drug store. Give me a break these are not quality products.

    I will now apologize for anyone who may have been offended by this post: I'm sorry, but after all the stuff that's been said and been happening this is how I feel and I had to share it.

    I hope everyone comes back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Try It On Tuesdays! Pam's Girly Bits in Mother May I?

Alright for my first Try it on Tuesdays post I am showing you Girly Bits in Mother May I?  Mother May I? is a lovely pale purple with a slight shimmer/pearl packed full of many different sparkles! Who wouldn't love this beautiful polish? Mother May I? has red square glitter, smaller green and pink square glitter, blue and pink hex glitters, and small fuchsia, pink, and iridescent glitters. It's a lovely and fun combination.  It's fairly transparent so for my swatches I used a base coat of Essence No More Drama, that way I wouldn't have to use as many coats of Mother May I? to achieve the look I was going for.  These pictures are with one coat Dazzle Dry base coat, one medium coat of Essence No More Drama, two coats Mother May I?, and one coat Seche Vite.  Without further ado here are the lovely pictures of a wonderful polish from Pam's Girly Bits:

Notice the lovely crystal on the bottle that she takes the extra time to add and makes it all that much more fun to get one of her bottles of polish :)


Here are some links to use to find Girly Bits and Llarowe:

Facebook Girly Bits
Girly Bits on Big Cartel
Facebook Llarowe
Llarowe Shop

I hope you enjoyed this post even half as much as I enjoy wearing this polish and come back again soon!  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

White Chocolate Body Butter by Nutra-Lift


A while back I got some products from a wonderful company called Nutra-Lift.  One of the products that they sent me was their 80% Organic White Chocolate Body Butter.  Here is what the company has to say about this product:
80% Organic, White Chocolate,Hand & Body Butter with Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin B5, DMAE,Alpha Lipoic Acid & Intense moisturizers.

Pleasure your body & mind and uplift your spirits with the natural smell of organic chocolate. Nutra-Lift® White Chocolate Hand & Body Butter is the Ultimate Anti-Aging Hand & Body Treatment. Now you can have Silky Moist skin in just moments .... plus rid yourself of dry hands and elbows. Organic White Chocolate contains over 300 natural compounds to improve your skins health. The Organic White Chocolate Hand & Body Butter is a complex luxurious formula with seaweed, Organic Aloe , Organic Royal Jelly & Organic White Chocolate, Vitamin C Ester, Vitamin B5, DMAE, Alpha Lipoic Acid & intense moisturizers and essential oils to restore, protect & maintain skin's proper moisture level. With the protection of numerous powerful Anti-Aging anti-oxidants including astaxanthin (550 times more effective than Vitamin E), grape seed extract, CO Q 10, green tea, sage & rosemary, plus anti-oxidant herbal complexes. Fights free radicals & helps stimulate collagen synthesis. With vegetable proteins to help tighten the skin. Improves oxygenation and soothes skin irritation. Recent medical research indicates that Anti-Oxidants and certain herbs contained within give even more protection from the sun. Firms, tones, protects & nourishes All-in-One.

8 oz. Bottle Price $24.00

Here are the ingredients:
 Organic aloe vera gel, seaweed, vitamin C ester, plant derived isotearyl palmitate, cetyl esters, plant derived gms 450, stearic acid, marine collagen, almond oil, sesame oil, organic white chocolate, vitamin B5 di-panthenol, DMAE, organic royal jelly, cocoa butter, hydrolyzed wheat protein, xanthum gum, natural mixed tocopherols & tocotrienols (vit.E) alpha lipoic acid, giarana, green tea, carrot extract, olive extract, shea butter, CO Q 10, grape seed extract, flax seed oil, hyaluronic acid, astaxanthin, vitamin B1, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin D, vitamin F, vitamin K, fruit flower complex, anti-aging complex, herbal complex, blue green algae, orange/cucumber extract, colloidal minerals.

I have used this for about a month now and I really like it.  It smells absolutely wonderful! Although it makes me crave chocolate which isn't always a great thing.  It is a tan color which is not really very appealing, and feels a little gritty. But it has lovely side effects for your skin.  Now mine wasn't really dry, but it had the normal problem areas, elbows, knees, and feet.  This Body Butter has made it so that I don't have dry patches anymore.  I would definitely recommend this Body Butter to any one that likes the smell of chocolate and needs a little moisturizing help. And if you notice above, water isn't the first ingredient in this body butter, which to me says a thousand words.  Any more when you purchase a lotion or a body butter the very first ingredient is water, which in lotions and body butters actually drys out your skin. This product goes on very nicely, it does seem a little thin when you first start using it, but don't let that stop you for trying it, because even though it seems thin it does wonderful things for your skin. This body butter doesn't leave you feeling oily or greasy either, like a lot do.  I will absolutely continue using this product and I recommend that you check out the wonderful products that they carry on

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon for more.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

First Intenational Swap :)

This is what I got from my very first international swap, that was set up by: Rachel, my lovely swap partner was Lisa. And here are the wonderful things she sent me, minus the candies, because I ate them all!
That's all of it together (minus the candy that I ate right away! :) Now here are some pictures of them individually with some reviews!
Oh I didn't take another picture of the face wash, it was Strawberries and Cream and it was wonderful! Smelled super and it made my face feel all smooth and polished when I washed it off.  Also, didn't take another picture of the hand lotion, which also, smells wonderful and leaves hands feeling satiny smooth.
Super cute Head band!

Pretty Pink Bow

Lovely Red Bow

Beautiful Bracelets!

More Beautiful bracelets!

And even more beautiful bracelets!

Lipgloss and a lipstick pencil

All fairly sheer but super cute!
Pretty self explanatory :)
Black gel eyeliner, Dazzle Dust w/water, Dazzle Dust, and lip balm.

Outdoor Girl Shatter polish dries matte

Added a topcoat


City Chick Sparkly Nails 2 coats very pretty light pink

Chit Chat Varnish 2 coats

Collection 2000 HOT Looks Siren 2 coats

MUA Shade 3, 2 coats

Chit Chat Nail Varnish

Collection 2000 HOT Looks Fruit Salad 2 coats

2 True Shade 18, 2 coats.
Absolutely love all of these polishes, they come in super cute little bottles and only need 2 coats to be opaque, it's wonderful!

I loved doing this swap it was super fun! Thank you again Lisa for all the great stuff and thank you to Rachel for setting it all up :)

Hope you enjoyed this post and come back for more soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking.