Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riview for Daring Digits Strawberry and Strings & Ravenclaw!!

Alright well to continue the indie mania I have for you daringdigits in Strawberry and Strings and Ravenclaw. These are two very lovely polishes. I am going to start with Strawberry and Strings which has a clear base, bubble gum pink hex and micro sized glitters, with black bar glitters. There was no fishing for glitters with this and it went on very smoothly. I am a big fan of black and pink glitters (although I do hate removing them I need them all!) I have this one pictured over Models Own Indian Ocean as it's one that I wouldn't personally wear alone. And let me tell you over Indian Ocean it is amazing! So here it is for you to see for yourselves:

Isn't this just a gorgeous combination?!

This is one coat of Strawberry and Strings. The only tip I have for anyone wearing a glitter polish with bar glitters in it is to try to keep them away from the very tip of your nail, as that wears the fastest and then your topcoat no longer "protects" the bars and they tend to snag and come off. Other than that I had absolutely no issues. And that wasn't an issue with the polish itself just with my application of it. 

Look at all the pretty pink goodness!!! LOVE IT!!

Next I have for you daringdigits in Ravenclaw, which is a lovely indigo blue with a purple hint to it and some lovely copper hexes in 2 different sizes. This went on very nicely, I had a little bit of dragging, but that was because I didn't let my coats dry long enough in between, I was in hurry to get it on! I was in no way let down when I did get it on, I absolutely love this color, it will be a great fall color for me. The consistency of this color was excellent, no dripping or running. It is slightly transparent, but builds up nicely with 3 coats. I am loving this blue!!

See that pretty blue and those great copper glitters!

A little closer and you can see the shimmer and it looks just a bit of a different color.

Like I said this is 3 coats, it has great dry time, about a minute between coats and there's no dragging. If you are like me and try to put them on too fast you will have a little bit of dragging depending on your base. 

Aren't these bottles the cutest!!? I love them. And the labels are great!

Again here are ways to find daring digits: daringdigits-FB, DaringDigits-etsy, and on the blog.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shimmer Polish Review! Liana, Alice, Carmen, Jasmine, and Airriann

Alright this post will be super pic heavy!

This is for 5 different lovely ShimmerPolishs'.  Liana, Alice, Carmen, Jasmine, and Airriann. These are all completely different lovely glitter bombs! Loads of glittery fun!

I will start with Alice, this has a clear base topped full of silver and holographic glitters in all different sizes, from micros to a large to medium size.  This is a super pretty silver!

This is one coat. So really good coverage even with one coat, you could wear it alone or you could layer it over your favorite color.

This is 2 coats. Shows very nice opaqueness with 2 coats. There is no fishing for glitters or anything like that, the glitters are not curled or sinking. This is a wonderful polish.

Look at that cute label. See the heart in front of the name, that sticks out a little bit and is a color similar to the polish on each different color.

Next we have Jasmine.  Jasmine has a clear base and is packed full of multi-sized teal glitters with some silver, red, pink, and bright blue mixed in there to give it a little more pop! It really works too! Very lovely color!

Single coat on the thumb. Which shows you that you could use this alone or you could layer over another color for a little something extra.

Here Jasmine in all her glittery glory!! 2 coats, and she went on like a dream. No fishing for glitters here either. 

These are such fun polishes! And you get glittery goodness with each brush stroke.

See the cute little iridescent green heart!

Next up is Carmen.  Carmen is a lovely Copper glitter bomb! This is similar to Alice, but copper. Carmen does have a sort of champagne tint to the base. It is packed full of multi-sized copper glitters with some multi-sized holographic ones, too.  It also appears to have some copper/gold flakies in it.

This is one coat of the copper beauty Carmen! With this one you could put a color under it, but you really don't need to.

Here you can see 2 coats of the glitter fun! Obviously my camera does not like this color glitter :) Me I think it's wonderful!

There is a great bottle shot for you! See all that coppery goodness.

There's that cute copper heart right by the name :)

Now I have Airriann for you. Airrian has a clear base with rosey pink mult-sized glitters, then they squeezed in some black, red, holographic, and gold multi-sized glitters. I just don't know how they do it.

One coat of Airriann and you can see here that she stands well on her own and undies are not necessary, but you could probably use some if you wanted too.

Here you can see the black glitters adding an extra little bang.

Here are 2 coats of Airriann looking oh so lovely!

Close up bottle shot, such beauty!

See all that contrast in there? Just plain amazing!
And there's the little pink heart.

Alright now, last but definitely not least. My favorite of them all, Liana. Liana has a transparent blueish/black base with black, silver, holographic, and blue multi sized glitters all jammed in the bottle together looking exceptional!

Here's the thumb with one coat. You can see her that you could probably add a black or a blue base, but you really don't need it.

Here it is with 2 coats of glittertastic greatness! See those gorgeous blue glitters in there!? I love that color.

Here is the breathtaking bottle shot!

Oh and there you can see the pretty little blue heart on the label!

You can find Shimmer Polish on Facebook, blog, or on etsy.

Let her know I sent you :)

Hope you all enjoyed these wonderful Shimmer polishes! I sure know I did. Come back again soon for more pretties! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Try it on Tuesday! Lex Cosmetics Tuilleries

I know I have been behind and have missed a few of the Try it on Tuesday posts, but I have a very pretty one for you today! This review is on Lex Cosmetics in Tuilleries. Tuilleries is a pale pink semi transparent base with silver, fuchsia, red, and orangish red glitters that are micro and small sized. It's a very lovely contrast. This polish built up to opaque in about 3 coats. It was not runny or streaky, the formula was very nice. It has that jelly sandwich look to it. It wore very well, I had no chipping for about 4 days, and I work in the nursing field so I wash my hands ALOT, and 4 days of wear is a lot for me. So after all that here is the beauty:

This is a very fun summer color. It goes nicely with many things. And for those of you who are professionals and can't wear really wild nail polish to work, this would be a fun one for you! It's not bright and out there, but it's still girly and pretty and gives you a little bit of bling to brighten your day :)

The glitters are all metallic and tons of fun!

Well that's all I have for you for now. I hope you enjoyed the post and come back again soon for more! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never knows whose looking :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Indie Review on F4 Polish in Piper and Pink Penguin

Another wonderful Indie review for you on F4Polish's beautiful Piper and Pink Penguin.

Piper has a clear base with white, lavender, and purple hex glitters. 4 different sizes of white: large, small, tiny, and micro; lavender: 2 sizes: medium and micro; purple 1 size tiny. This is a super fun, pretty polish that you could wear alone or over a large variety of different colors. So here are some pictures for you to check out :)

A bottle shot so you can see the beauty for yourself!

Here you can see that it looks wonderful all by itself. Loads of summer fun!

Here it is with some different undies. I used Sally Girl Epic, Wet n Wild I Need a Refresh-mint, Wet n Wild Wet Cement, and Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris.

These aren't normal colors you would think to put under this, but you can see here that it looks lovely!

Now onto Pink Penguin, which is another clear base, this one is jam packed full of black and white micro matte glitters, with some small matte neon pink glitters to set it off a bit. This one has fairly full coverage in 2 coats, you could also layer this over other colors if you wanted.  Here's how I wore it:
This is a really fun polish that goes with a lot of different things. It has that extra pop because of the pink! Tons of fun in that little bottle :)

You can follow them on F4Polish-Facebook. Or you can find them here F4polish on etsy!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon for more. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Girly Bits review on Arctic Sunrise and Purple Potion

Today I am reviewing GirlyBits in Arctic Sunrise for you, with a collaboration on GirlyBits Purple Potion from the wonderful Jen of JensNailFiles. As you may have noticed I have had quite a few wonderful Indie reviews, this is a hint you should stay tuned there will be some Indie fun coming soon :) These are just previews for you :)

First I will start with Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise. This is part of her new Summer line and is a wonderful fairly transparent light blue with gorgeous, I'm going to call it, micro shimmer, as that's what it looks like to me, in mostly pink and lavender with some green, gold, and silver, so it could be iridescent.  It has excellent application, it goes on nice isn't runny or streaky. Builds up nicely alone to opaque in about 3 coats, or you can put it over something for a lovely touch. I tried it over some of my favorite blues and black.  So without further ado here it is:

The beauty in the sun! Isn't is lovely! 

In normal lighting, you can see the lovely shimmer here.

What I used for undies: Sally Girl Epic, Essence Gleam in Blue, Pure Ice French Kiss, Color Club Hydrangea Kiss, and Color Club Chelsea Blue.

Thumb is 2 coats, index 1 coat, middle 1 coat over Chelsea Blue, Ring 1 coat over white, pinkie one coat over black
Different light.
Pinkie 1 coat over Gleam in Blue, Ring 1 coat over Epic, Middle 1 coat over French Kiss, and Index 1 coat over Hydrangea Kiss.
Different Ligt.
Close up of Thumb with 2 coats.
   It's such a lovely color and very versatile, since you can either wear it alone or put it with something else to change the look a little bit depending on how you feel that day :) This is currently in my top 5 favorites for summer.

Up next is Girly Bits Purple Potion, a collaboration with Jen of JensNailFiles.  Purple Potion appears to be a lovely purple jelly base with purple and holographic glitters jam packed in there. It has excellent consistency, goes on like a dream. Here it is layered over Orly Oui to give it some extra pop.

Here's the lovely bottle shot!

Here is the awesome bottle shot, look at all that sparkle!!!
And here it is on!!!

Amazing Sparkle! This is so pretty, and if you are a fan of purple and of glitter, this should definitely be on your must have list :)

Again these WONDERFUL polishes were made by the one and only GirlyBits (this is a link to her facebook page, where you can find shop updates). Here is a link to her Shop GirlyBits. You can also follow her on her blog: girlybitspolish.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, and come back again very soon for more fun! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monster Polish review time!

Alright well these are some frankens/indies made by the wonderful Diana of PolishMonster, her brand is Monster Polish. This will be a joint post by myself and the wonderful Jen of Jen'sNailFiles. So without further ado her are some lovely bottle shots for you!
 From left to right we have (I could be wrong since I'm kind of guessing!): Unicorn hair, Pheonix Feather, and Dragon Heartstring. All inspired by Harry Potter!

I will tell you that Diana doesn't sell these, but on occasion she does swap them, so just a heads up there! :)

 Do you see those CUTE labels ^!!!! So adorable!

All right as you can see these 3 are color changing topcoats!

So let's see what these little lovelies look like on shall we:

 Jen's description of the beauties:
Dragon Heartstirng - blue/green *Pointer Finger

Phoenix Feather - pink/purple *Middle Finger

Unicorn Hair - yellow/green *Pinkie

Thumb and Ring finger have all 3 colors in stripes!

My favorite is the index finger!!!

 Here is what Jen says: "These polishes are SO cool!!  I don't care for polishes you have to layer over black but I love love love these! :)  They are SO smooth and go on like butter!  They are must haves for all collections.  And look at those labels!!!"

Look how pretty these are! Look for these beauties in some fun things I will be bringing to you in August!

She used 2 coats of each over Pure Ice's Black Rage.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon for more! Again here is how to find Polish Monter's Monster Polish: on Facebook: PolishMonster or on her Blog: PolishMonster.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)