Monday, July 23, 2012

Girly Bits review on Arctic Sunrise and Purple Potion

Today I am reviewing GirlyBits in Arctic Sunrise for you, with a collaboration on GirlyBits Purple Potion from the wonderful Jen of JensNailFiles. As you may have noticed I have had quite a few wonderful Indie reviews, this is a hint you should stay tuned there will be some Indie fun coming soon :) These are just previews for you :)

First I will start with Girly Bits Arctic Sunrise. This is part of her new Summer line and is a wonderful fairly transparent light blue with gorgeous, I'm going to call it, micro shimmer, as that's what it looks like to me, in mostly pink and lavender with some green, gold, and silver, so it could be iridescent.  It has excellent application, it goes on nice isn't runny or streaky. Builds up nicely alone to opaque in about 3 coats, or you can put it over something for a lovely touch. I tried it over some of my favorite blues and black.  So without further ado here it is:

The beauty in the sun! Isn't is lovely! 

In normal lighting, you can see the lovely shimmer here.

What I used for undies: Sally Girl Epic, Essence Gleam in Blue, Pure Ice French Kiss, Color Club Hydrangea Kiss, and Color Club Chelsea Blue.

Thumb is 2 coats, index 1 coat, middle 1 coat over Chelsea Blue, Ring 1 coat over white, pinkie one coat over black
Different light.
Pinkie 1 coat over Gleam in Blue, Ring 1 coat over Epic, Middle 1 coat over French Kiss, and Index 1 coat over Hydrangea Kiss.
Different Ligt.
Close up of Thumb with 2 coats.
   It's such a lovely color and very versatile, since you can either wear it alone or put it with something else to change the look a little bit depending on how you feel that day :) This is currently in my top 5 favorites for summer.

Up next is Girly Bits Purple Potion, a collaboration with Jen of JensNailFiles.  Purple Potion appears to be a lovely purple jelly base with purple and holographic glitters jam packed in there. It has excellent consistency, goes on like a dream. Here it is layered over Orly Oui to give it some extra pop.

Here's the lovely bottle shot!

Here is the awesome bottle shot, look at all that sparkle!!!
And here it is on!!!

Amazing Sparkle! This is so pretty, and if you are a fan of purple and of glitter, this should definitely be on your must have list :)

Again these WONDERFUL polishes were made by the one and only GirlyBits (this is a link to her facebook page, where you can find shop updates). Here is a link to her Shop GirlyBits. You can also follow her on her blog: girlybitspolish.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did, and come back again very soon for more fun! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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