Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riview for Daring Digits Strawberry and Strings & Ravenclaw!!

Alright well to continue the indie mania I have for you daringdigits in Strawberry and Strings and Ravenclaw. These are two very lovely polishes. I am going to start with Strawberry and Strings which has a clear base, bubble gum pink hex and micro sized glitters, with black bar glitters. There was no fishing for glitters with this and it went on very smoothly. I am a big fan of black and pink glitters (although I do hate removing them I need them all!) I have this one pictured over Models Own Indian Ocean as it's one that I wouldn't personally wear alone. And let me tell you over Indian Ocean it is amazing! So here it is for you to see for yourselves:

Isn't this just a gorgeous combination?!

This is one coat of Strawberry and Strings. The only tip I have for anyone wearing a glitter polish with bar glitters in it is to try to keep them away from the very tip of your nail, as that wears the fastest and then your topcoat no longer "protects" the bars and they tend to snag and come off. Other than that I had absolutely no issues. And that wasn't an issue with the polish itself just with my application of it. 

Look at all the pretty pink goodness!!! LOVE IT!!

Next I have for you daringdigits in Ravenclaw, which is a lovely indigo blue with a purple hint to it and some lovely copper hexes in 2 different sizes. This went on very nicely, I had a little bit of dragging, but that was because I didn't let my coats dry long enough in between, I was in hurry to get it on! I was in no way let down when I did get it on, I absolutely love this color, it will be a great fall color for me. The consistency of this color was excellent, no dripping or running. It is slightly transparent, but builds up nicely with 3 coats. I am loving this blue!!

See that pretty blue and those great copper glitters!

A little closer and you can see the shimmer and it looks just a bit of a different color.

Like I said this is 3 coats, it has great dry time, about a minute between coats and there's no dragging. If you are like me and try to put them on too fast you will have a little bit of dragging depending on your base. 

Aren't these bottles the cutest!!? I love them. And the labels are great!

Again here are ways to find daring digits: daringdigits-FB, DaringDigits-etsy, and on the blog.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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