Thursday, July 19, 2012

Monster Polish review time!

Alright well these are some frankens/indies made by the wonderful Diana of PolishMonster, her brand is Monster Polish. This will be a joint post by myself and the wonderful Jen of Jen'sNailFiles. So without further ado her are some lovely bottle shots for you!
 From left to right we have (I could be wrong since I'm kind of guessing!): Unicorn hair, Pheonix Feather, and Dragon Heartstring. All inspired by Harry Potter!

I will tell you that Diana doesn't sell these, but on occasion she does swap them, so just a heads up there! :)

 Do you see those CUTE labels ^!!!! So adorable!

All right as you can see these 3 are color changing topcoats!

So let's see what these little lovelies look like on shall we:

 Jen's description of the beauties:
Dragon Heartstirng - blue/green *Pointer Finger

Phoenix Feather - pink/purple *Middle Finger

Unicorn Hair - yellow/green *Pinkie

Thumb and Ring finger have all 3 colors in stripes!

My favorite is the index finger!!!

 Here is what Jen says: "These polishes are SO cool!!  I don't care for polishes you have to layer over black but I love love love these! :)  They are SO smooth and go on like butter!  They are must haves for all collections.  And look at those labels!!!"

Look how pretty these are! Look for these beauties in some fun things I will be bringing to you in August!

She used 2 coats of each over Pure Ice's Black Rage.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon for more! Again here is how to find Polish Monter's Monster Polish: on Facebook: PolishMonster or on her Blog: PolishMonster.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


  1. These are gorgeous! Look a little like dicroic glass. The neat things about these kinds of iridescent polishes is that they look really awesome over any kind of dark color, not just black, and light colors too, for that matter! I have a couple of similar top coats and I like layering them over pastels too!

  2. I love the labels, and the polishes are just stunning!

  3. These are far too cute!! Very cool too! It's not fair that she won't sell, lol....I understand why tho & respect her choice. However... I have been scanning her wish list from time to time; hoping to one day make a trade...hehehe!! ;D I feel like such a stalker tho! LoL Because I am obsessed with the sheer cuteness of her polishes!!!!

    1. Well you should definitely keep your eyes peeled on the blog, end of this week beginning of next for a super awesome giveaway that I have planned :)

    2. So I just spotted this- definitely don't just go by my wishlist- I'm on a super tight polish budget now, so I'm usually pretty open to lots of stuff, if I don't have it- even (especially) new seasonal stuff since I can't just buy anything now!

      Also, <3 Definitely not a stalker, I've done it!