Thursday, July 26, 2012

Shimmer Polish Review! Liana, Alice, Carmen, Jasmine, and Airriann

Alright this post will be super pic heavy!

This is for 5 different lovely ShimmerPolishs'.  Liana, Alice, Carmen, Jasmine, and Airriann. These are all completely different lovely glitter bombs! Loads of glittery fun!

I will start with Alice, this has a clear base topped full of silver and holographic glitters in all different sizes, from micros to a large to medium size.  This is a super pretty silver!

This is one coat. So really good coverage even with one coat, you could wear it alone or you could layer it over your favorite color.

This is 2 coats. Shows very nice opaqueness with 2 coats. There is no fishing for glitters or anything like that, the glitters are not curled or sinking. This is a wonderful polish.

Look at that cute label. See the heart in front of the name, that sticks out a little bit and is a color similar to the polish on each different color.

Next we have Jasmine.  Jasmine has a clear base and is packed full of multi-sized teal glitters with some silver, red, pink, and bright blue mixed in there to give it a little more pop! It really works too! Very lovely color!

Single coat on the thumb. Which shows you that you could use this alone or you could layer over another color for a little something extra.

Here Jasmine in all her glittery glory!! 2 coats, and she went on like a dream. No fishing for glitters here either. 

These are such fun polishes! And you get glittery goodness with each brush stroke.

See the cute little iridescent green heart!

Next up is Carmen.  Carmen is a lovely Copper glitter bomb! This is similar to Alice, but copper. Carmen does have a sort of champagne tint to the base. It is packed full of multi-sized copper glitters with some multi-sized holographic ones, too.  It also appears to have some copper/gold flakies in it.

This is one coat of the copper beauty Carmen! With this one you could put a color under it, but you really don't need to.

Here you can see 2 coats of the glitter fun! Obviously my camera does not like this color glitter :) Me I think it's wonderful!

There is a great bottle shot for you! See all that coppery goodness.

There's that cute copper heart right by the name :)

Now I have Airriann for you. Airrian has a clear base with rosey pink mult-sized glitters, then they squeezed in some black, red, holographic, and gold multi-sized glitters. I just don't know how they do it.

One coat of Airriann and you can see here that she stands well on her own and undies are not necessary, but you could probably use some if you wanted too.

Here you can see the black glitters adding an extra little bang.

Here are 2 coats of Airriann looking oh so lovely!

Close up bottle shot, such beauty!

See all that contrast in there? Just plain amazing!
And there's the little pink heart.

Alright now, last but definitely not least. My favorite of them all, Liana. Liana has a transparent blueish/black base with black, silver, holographic, and blue multi sized glitters all jammed in the bottle together looking exceptional!

Here's the thumb with one coat. You can see her that you could probably add a black or a blue base, but you really don't need it.

Here it is with 2 coats of glittertastic greatness! See those gorgeous blue glitters in there!? I love that color.

Here is the breathtaking bottle shot!

Oh and there you can see the pretty little blue heart on the label!

You can find Shimmer Polish on Facebook, blog, or on etsy.

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Hope you all enjoyed these wonderful Shimmer polishes! I sure know I did. Come back again soon for more pretties! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)