Thursday, July 19, 2012

Indie review of Perception Nail Laquer

Today I am bringing you some lovely reviews on PerceptionNailLacquer, this line was created by one of the lovely ladies of ManiMommies, and the wonderful Jen of Jen'sNailFiles was kind enough to more or less do a guest review on these polishes, so what I am saying here is the pictures and opinions stated here are Jen's not my own, as I don't yet have any Perception Lacquer.  So I hope you enjoy Jen's reviews, we will be showing you 3 different beautiful polishes.

Here are the bottle shots just to tease you a little bit, with what's to come :)
Aren't those labels just so cute! I think so! :) And Amy of Perception Lacquer does reuse old bottles in order to keep costs down just so you know. These are $10 a bottle and free shipping in the U.S.A!

First up is Perception Nail Lacquer's Blue Morpho!

This is Jen's wonderful bottle shot! See all that going on in there! Isn't it beautiful?

Blue Morpho is a blue scattered holographic polish.  It is SO sparkly!

Look at all the wonderful holo sparkles!!

Personally I think this is my favorite of the 3!

Application was a breeze.

Jen used 2 coats to achieve this wonderful coverage.

All right next up is the ever so lovely Perception Nail Lacquer's Perplexing Me Purple.
Look at all the purple goodness!

Jen says:  "Perplexing Me Purple is a medium purple holo-y sparkly polish with a few small circular holo-silver glitters.  It applied very well."

In these pictures she applied 2 coats.

It also has some larger silver hexes hiding in there!

 It is a very lovely purple with tons of sparkle to add some zip to your day :)

Application and consistency was amazing!

And last but definitely not least we have Perception Nail Lacquer's Mermaid Kisses!
This one is Jen's favorite, which surprised her since she is a blue girl.

Jen say:  "It's a bright teal-y blue with a wonderfully shiny finish!  One coat was enough but I did two because I always do."

This lovely polish has some irregular shaped foil type glitters in it that give it that extra little bang! Along with small hex and square glitters! Amazing how all that is packed in there and looks so wonderful isn't it?!

Application and consistency were outstanding as usual :)

So ladies (and gents) who doesn't need a great bright teal with sparkly goodness? Everyone does of course :)

There was no streaking or running with any of these polishes!

I hope you all enjoyed the post today and come back again soon! Don't forget to check out Amy at PerceptionNailLacquer! She has some other amazing stuff! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)