Thursday, June 19, 2014

MyStash Lacquer Aquaholic & Copper Theif

Hello everyone, I know it's been quite a while since I've posted a review and I am sorry about that. Life in general has gotten in the way. My husband and I opened a used car dealership at the beginning of this year and unfortunately that seems to be taking up all of our time. The only free day we get is Sundays. It stinks and we can't seem to find anyone reliable and intelligent that wants to sell cars and/or do mechanic work for us, so it's been really quite stressful. I just wanted to let you all know that I haven't just disappeared or anything. That I have been swatching beautiful polishes when I get the chance, and that I just haven't had a spare moment to post about the lovely things that I've been getting. So with that said this is a review that I had planned to get up some time ago, and I would like to publicly apologize right here for taking so long, I'm truly sorry! Please forgive me, and your polishes are amazing!! Alright now onto the pretties that I have for you today!
So I got a package in the mail from an awesome company called MyStash Lacquer with two very awesome polishes in it, they were Aquaholic and Copper Theif.
I will start by sharing Aquaholic with you. It's a clear based polish packed with gold ridescent and teal micro glitter, teal mini glitter, teal small hex glitter, and clear purple shards. Let me tell you this combo is amazing! I totally love it. I put this over Essence No More Drama on my index and ring fingers, over White On by Sally Hansen on my thumb and pinky, and alone on my middle finger. I have 2 coats on each finger. Just so you know I had absolutely no problems with this polish, I did not have to fish for any glitters they came out willingly. I really enjoyed this polish and wore it around for a good week.

The other lovely polish that was sent to me is Copper Thief. This also has a clear base, this one if jam packed full of pink and copper hex glitter in multiple sizes. It's a really fun combination. I put this one over Essence Walk on Air. Again I had absolutely no problems with this polish and enjoyed it very much.

To find MyStash Lacquer you can go to her Facebook page which is (sorry I'm on our old laptop and it doesn't want to cooperate and add in links!) or you can check out her awesome shop at She has some truly amazing polishes and she is in the process of perfecting her own holo polishes!!

Thanks for sticking with me through the thick and the thin. It's looking like at least for the summer I will be getting 2 days a week to stay home with my children, so that also means a bit more time to get some blogging in! Yippie!! Hope you come back again soon to see what else I have back logged for your viewing pleasures. Have a great day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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