Friday, September 21, 2012

Darling Diva Polish: Resurrection, Rose, and 51 Shades of Hell NO!

I want to start by saying that DarlingDivaPolish has so many beautiful colors, these are only a very little glimpse at the beauty she creates! So don't forget to head over to her etsy shop and check out all her beautiful creations.  She is super nice and I am so glad to get the opportunity to review a few of her lovely polishes. So without further ramblings here is what I have for you today.


Starting with DarlingDivaPolish's Resurrection, which is an extremely pale pink transparent base what appear to be micro iridescent flakies, micro iridescent glitters, small clear iridescent squares, large clear and silver iridescent hex glitters, and large silver hex glitters. It went on wonderfully, I didn't have to fish for glitters, just dip the brush and apply. Dry time was great. I have it pictured below over Sally Hansen White On, Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Pure Ice Gossip, and Spoiled Tip Your Waitress.

Up close bottle shot.

All my fingers :)

 Yep that's all my fingers again :) Along with a shot of the cute bottles and labels.

This is my pinkie, with a coat of Spoiled Tip your waitress and two coats of Resurrection.  I was feeling the pink so that's why this is shown over pink.

This is one coat of Pure Ice Gossip with two coats of Resurrection and you can really see the large iridescent hexes in this one.

This is one coat of Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris with 2 coats  Resurrection. Over black you can really see the micro shimmering in there and the small squares, better than over any of the other colors.

One coat of Sally Hansen White On with 2 coats of Resurrection, here you can see the light pink base, along with all the iridescent goodness that is this polish.

Here it is alone with 2 coats. You could wear it alone if you wanted just the shimmery sparkle look. I prefer it over something though, but that's just me :)

Here's another shot of it alone from a bit farther away, to show the iridescent sparkles off.

Here is what they look like over each color, so you can see them next to each other.

Another thumb shot, but this is only one coat.

And another all fingers shot, but with only one coat.

Next up I have Darling Diva Polish's Rose, which is a slightly pink pearly base (possibly pink or violet pearl), with medium rose pink hexes, small gold, iridescent gold, and rose pink hex glitters, small rose pink squares, tiny gold iridescent glitter, and micro gold iridescent glitters. There was no fishing for glitter with this one either, just dip and paint.  There was some very slight curling, but completely workable, and I am pretty sure that it was from sitting in my mailbox in the heat.  I am wearing it over: Sally Hansen White On, Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, Pure Ice Gossip, and Sally Girl TTFN.

Here it is!

This is one coat of Rose with no undie. You can see the pearly-ness here.

This is one coat of Rose over Sally Hansen White On, and you can see the pinkish base and the iridescent sparkle.

Here it is over Wet n Wild Ebony Hates Chris, here it kind of looks like a blue pearly back ground. 

Here is Rose over Pure Ice Gossip.  You can see the shimmers in the base really well.

This is Rose over Sally Girl TTFN, just to mix up the color a little bit :)

Getting up close and personal with the bottle :) My camera freaked out a little bit with all the shimmer in the base but you get the picture :)

Here is Rose solo with two coats. With a good show of all the different glitters and shimmers that are in it.

Rose in two coats over Sally Hansen White On. 

I have to say, other than alone, over black is so far my favorite for Rose. It makes the rose hexes stand out and gives it starry night blue hint. Very pretty.

Rose over Pure Ice Gossip and you can see the camera spazing over the glitters again :)

Two coats of Rose over Sally Girl TTFN. Definitely a cute look and a good combination to bring out the different tones in the color.

Here they all are together :)
 Now last but definitely not least, and my favorite of the 3, Darling Diva Polish's 51 Shades of Hell NO! This has a pea green holo base with medium silver holo hexes, small blue, teal, and green iridescent hexes, mini iridescent fuchsia hexes, and micro iridescent fuchsia hexes. Wonderful contrasting colors make each other look great. Went on like a dream, dried great too. So here it is:

There's one coat with an awesome picture of the bottle so that you can see the wonderful contrasts :)

One coat and a hint of some great glitters :)

Thumb shot, and definitely a fine example of all the contrasting colors that are in 51 Shades of Hell NO!

Here we have two coats and some more of those great glitters and that great holo starting peak out.

2 coats on the thumb. Looking a little better than the start.

Three coats and some definite sparkle saying, "Hey, hey you, yeah you! LOOK AT ME!"

Three coats on the thumb and you can tell it builds up nicely.

I took it up to four wonderful coats to get the best opaqueness that I could for the pictures and I have to say that I loved wearing it. All the compliments were great too. 

Thumb shot :)

And an up close thumb shot so you can really see all the holo goodness and the contrasting sparkles that really make this polish so lovely. This is a very fun color and I absolutely loved wearing it.

To find them you can go here:

I hope you all enjoyed this post and maybe even found some new polishes that you just have to have!  Come back again soon. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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