Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Above the Curve Nail Polish in Lemming Have It, Mother Earth, Aphaea, and Akiko review!

Hey there everyone! It's been a bit since I posted a review, sorry about that. Life was a little hectic and sort of still is, but I'm squeezing in some blogging time anyhow! So for your viewing pleasure today I will be sharing some very beautiful Above the Curve Nail Polish colors with you. In case you didn't know the wonderful people at Above the Curve Nail Polish donate $1.00 from every bottle sold to Shriner's for Children to do their part in helping other children that are in need of help from Shriner's. And yes these are older colors but still beautiful all the same. I hope you enjoy these lovelies as much as I do :)

I will start out with Lemming Have It!

This is a lovely dark purple polish with blue tones, scattered holo, and red and blue mini micros in it!  This polish is from their Polish Addicted Line.  This polish is super pretty and it was so hard to capture all it's beauty in pictures

Here you can see all the pretty sparkles that are in there. It's a very fun polish and I just love the name!  I have on 2 coats in these pictures with no top coat.

Next up for you I have Mother Earth, which was part of last years spring collection.

This is a very lovely champagne colored base with a pinkish/rose and gold tint to it with tons of holo in there to make it just that much more amazing!

I absolutely love this color and the fact that it is so pretty and will go with anything. This is definitely a polish that you could wear to work and still look amazing with! I have on 2 coats of this gorgeous polish!

Here is the very wonderful Aphaea, which I believe was part of last years Falling For Autumn Collection.

This polish is a very amazing pewter color with fuchsia undertones and a light scattered holo. I absolutely adore this color! It is one of fav's from last year.  According to Above the Cure's description Aphaea is the Greek Goddess of Agriculture and Fertility. Definitely a great color to honor her with.

 I am wearing 2 coats of this polish to get this wonderful look. This was another color that was difficult to catch the beauty of, because in different lights and angles it looks just a bit different.

Last but definitely not least is Akiko, which is currently not available on their website and I'm not sure if they are planning to restock it, but it is a super amazing color! Also, from their Falling For Autumn collection.

This polish is such a lovely rustic orange with gold, yellow, and reddish hues in it. It reminds me of a sunset! And it's even a holo! I'm not really a big fan of oranges, but this one caught my attention and I had to check it out. I am so glad that I did.

 I have on 3 coats of this stunning color with no top coat. I am absolutely in love with this polish! It's that amazing to look at. I am certain that my pictures did not do it justice what so ever. But I tried! I didn't have any problems with application of this color or of any of the other colors in this post.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Here are some ways you can find Above the Curve Nail Polish: facebook, online shop, and instagram.  Please check them out they have some other very amazing colors.  Thank you for check out what I had to share with you today, I hope your eyes are happy! Please come back again soon to see what else I have been holding out on you with (LOL).  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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