Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Darling Diva Polish Holiday Sneak Peak! Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra and Triple Dog Dare, extra Unicorn Bath

Today I will be bringing you some of the beautiful creations from Darling Diva Polish.  You are going to get a sneak peak at 2 of polishes from the holiday collection and to wrap it up the very lovely Unicorn Bath (which of course is not part of her holiday collection, but a recent purchase of mine).  The 2 polishes that are from her holiday collection are inspired by the movie "A Christmas Story". First up is Fa Ra Ra Ra Ra Ra, this has a clear semi holographic shimmery base with red, green, gold, fuchsia, and white iridescent glitters. In varying sizes of squares and hexes.. I put on 2 thin coats of this super fun holiday polish over my own "My Kind of Nude".  I did not have any issues with this polish what so ever, no fishing for glitter, no dragging, no bare spots, nothing.  Dry time is great like all the rest of her wonderful polishes. So here it is:

Starting off with an up close of my thumb. Look at all the glitter and sparkle and shine! It's freaking fantastic. What more do you want for the holidays? 

Here is a bottle shot and you can see even more of the wonderful glitter and sparkle here in this shot, the ones that don't show up so well on the nail stand out more here in the bottle shot.

Here it is in semi shade. Obviously still beautiful :)

Here is a sunshine thumb shot. 

 Here is the whole hand in the semi light. Look at all that glittery goodness! It's just gorgeous.

And last but not least with the bottle. I absolutely love this polish. It's loaded with glitter and sparkles and is super fun to look at. Definitely a holiday must have right here. Plus, it will go with just about anything you are wearing!

Next up I have for you another holiday sneak peak, this one is Triple Dog Dare.  Now this one has a not quite clear blue/purple  pearl base with large navy blue hex glitter, medium: royal purple, turquoise, and holographic hex glitters. This is super super pretty! I put it on alone, and built it up with 3 coats. If you wanted to you could put it on over something else, but I really wanted to see what it looked like alone. Again there were no issues with this polish, no curling glitter, no fishing for said glitter, no dragging, nothing. Great dry time again. So without holding this out any further, here it is:

Starting off again with an up close of my thumb nail.  Where you can see the beautiful glitter combo that was used, along with all the blue and purple goodness in the base.

 Even better looking in the sun :)

The rest of the fingers in the sunlight. This is definitely a good one for a snowy white day, the colors will really stand out then.

Here it is in the semi shade, and it's still gorgeous. DDP just out does herself every time she creates new polishes. They are all exceptional!

OOOOHHHH! Look at that freaking amazing bottle shot!

And last but not least another of all the fingers with the bottle in the sun!  This is really a beautiful and fun color combination for the upcoming holidays.

Now last but definitely not least, I will be showing you Unicorn Bath, which is not part of the holiday collection, but is one that I recently decided needed to join my ever growing collection. And what better place than with some of it's fellow DDP's to show it off to you. Unicorn Bath ihas a light blue milky jelly base with gold and pink shimmer in it (in ways it reminds me of Sinful Colors Cinderella). This lovely polish is packed with blue, white, and silver hex glitters. I used 3 coats of this with no undie. I do suppose you could use an undie with this one if you wanted, I didn't, I wanted to see how it looked alone. And I love it alone honestly. I did not have any problems with this one either. And the dry time was great also. So without further chatter here is the gorgeousness I was telling you about:

Here is the up close thumb shot where you can see all that shimmery goodness in the base along with all those wonderful bold glitters.

Here it is again, in the sun, but a bit further away.

All the fingers in the semi shade.  If you are a fab of blue polish this is a need for your collection. There are so many things you could do with this polish.

Here it is in the sun to show off all that shimmer!

The bottle shot :)

Fingers and bottle shot. It's like definitely what I would thing a Unicorn Bath would look like :)

To find Darling Diva Polish go to:
Facebook or etsy.

Thank you for checking out my post. I hope you enjoyed it and come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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