Thursday, October 25, 2012

Review for Above the Curve Nail Polish Fight Like a Girl and I Pink I Can, I Pink I Can!

 Today I am going to be showing you some wonderful Breast Cancer Awareness polishes made by Above The Curve Nail Polish: Fight Like a Girl and I Pink I Can, I Pink I Can!  Fight Like a Girl is a creamy light pink base loaded with different sized pink and raspberry hex glitter, and awesome red heart glitters. Application was a breeze with this one, there was some shaking to get the hearts but that's completely normal in my experience. Just so you know $1 from every bottle purchased was donated to Shriners Children's Hospital, which is also true for all their other polishes also. They are trying to get awareness around for Shriners Children's Hospital and scoliosis. Who doesn't want to help spread awareness and donate while also getting some awesome polish on top of it!?  Then we have I Pink I Can I Pink I Can which was created specifically for Breast Cancer Awareness and is a light fuchsia pink with tons of holographic goodness. Proceeds from the first bottle of this sold were donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and $2 from every other bottle sold are being donated as well. Above The Curve Nail Polish includes shipping in the price of each polish so you do not pay any additional shipping fees. The listed price of the polish is all you pay. So enough of the talk! Here are the gorgeous polishes:
 Here is 2 coats of Fight Like a Girl over white.
You can see there are some micro glitters along with some small and medium sized glitters, and of course hearts!

This is 4 coats of Fight Like a Girl with no base color. I think I like it best like this. And it has great dry time so putting on 4 coats didn't take forever. :)

Here is Fight Like a Girl over a light pink, and to me it look too pink. But to some they may like it so here it is :)

Here are the fingers with the bottle, look at those labels! LOVE EM!

Here you can see I Pink I Can I Pink I Can on my ring finger. It's freaking gorgeous! I put a nice little ribbon over it :)

Here they are again with my Breast Cancer Awareness that says Fight Like a Girl that I got from my cousin who is currently fighting Breast Cancer.

And last but not least a picture of I Pink I Can I Pink I Can all by it's self! Look at that pink beauty.

Here is where you can find Above the Curve:
Facebook, or bigcartel, or etsy.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it, and come back again soon! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know who might be looking :)


  1. Thanks for such a warm review this is Shawn the other half of above the curve,it kinda of gets lost in the indie market that this is a labor of love we just broke even and having any business in this economy is horrid at best but we have been recieved well we have stumbled out the gates,but are upright and moving in the right direction to be around along time.We have lots now mimicking our intentions and there were plenty before us using polish for good I can think of the top of my head girly bits and her raising almost 3 k we are not at that level but getting there.Angel was gifted a normal life that is and always will be our drive.When we turn a profit it goes right back into new things,anyone who has done this can attest to the fails you have along the way.But what makes us both proud is to see us all come toghter and do this.When we learn more ways to cut costs like our black and white labels buying in bulk we will up the per bottle donation.We have some wonderful ideas to try and a goal of 1k raised this year.Each bottle sits so long it kills me but we feel we have a solid product that Angel would buy use and love,and it is truly from the heart.We us you have made a pay it forward impact.Tearing up again but that is priceless ! We wish your sister a speedy recovery from cancer and thank you for such a wonderful review and your support Shawn.ATC

    1. I really love the polishes you guys create and the fact that part of every sale goes to a good cause. I'm also super happy that you commented! Plus believe or not yesturday or today I placed another order with you guys :)

  2. Sorry meant your cousin Not your sister.~Shawn