Tuesday, March 5, 2013

365 Days of Color: Killer Kiss, Chemical Romance, Deadly Attraction, Bora Bora, Crush On You, and Nomad

Here I have some lovely polishes for you from 365 Days of Color.  Some of these are no longer available, but I still wanted to show them to you. I have Killer Kiss, Chemical Romance, Deadly Attraction, Bora Bora, Crush On You, and Nomad.
I will start off with Killer Kiss:

Killer Kiss is a neon peach jelly base with different shapes and sizes of white glitter. 

This is the pinkie, and I have on a white undie with 2 coats of killer kiss over top of it. 

And here I have 3 coats with no undie.  As you can see it can really be worn either way. I prefer no undie, but wanted to show you both ways.

I had no problems with this polish. I didn't have to fish for glitter or try to place them on the nail.

Next up is Chemical Romance:

Chemical Romance has a pink jelly base with black glitter in different shapes and sizes, large dark silver hexes, and small iridescent silver hexes.

This is 3 coats with no undie. I didn't have any problems with this polish. There was no fishing for glitter or any of that stuff.

Here are 2 coats of Chemical Romance over a white undie. So as you can see you can wear it either way for 2 totally different looks.

Here is Deadly Attraction:

Deadly Attraction has a neon yellow jelly base packed full of black shredded glitters.

Here I have 2 coats of Deadly Attraction over a white undie.  I didn't have any issues with this polish at all. No fishing for glitter or any thing like that.

And of course here it is in 3 coats with no undies. So as you can see it can go either way.

Now I have Bora Bora:

Here I have on 3 coats of Bora Bora with no undie. I really love this light blue, because I'm a huge fan of all blues :)

Bora Bora is a baby blue crelly with pink and gold shimmery undertones in it. Such a lovely light blue. Good for any time of the year.

And here I have on 2 coats of Bora Bora over a white undie.  I personally like them with out the with undie, but that's just me :)

Next is from her Valentines release, Crush On You:

Crush On You has a light pink crelly base with pink and red circle glitter, light pink square glitter in different sizes, and small red and pink hexes.

I have on 4 coats of Crush On You with no undies. I didn't have any problems with this polish.  It was a super fun V-day polish for me :)

Last but not least I have Nomad, which is part of her latest La Boheme Collection:

Nomad has a light yellow crelly base with green square and micro glitters in it. 

I have on 3 coats of Nomad in these pictures.

If you are interested in finding yourself some 365 DOC here are some places for you to look: Facebook, 365 DOC blog, or shop 365 DOC.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found yourself some new pretties.  Please come back again soon to see what else I have lined up for you. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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