Saturday, March 16, 2013

Model City Polish review: I Lilac What You Did There, Orange You Just Peachy, Anti Establish Mint, Pretty In Pink, You Blue Me Away, and Cookies and Milk!

Alright well I have some very beautiful polish spam reviews for you today, I hope you enjoy this (lots of pics). I will be showing you some very lovely polish from Model City Polish.
I will start with I Lilac What You Did There:

I Lilac What You Did There is a light lilac polish with a very subtle holographic shimmer in it. I have on 2 coats with no undie. They recommend 3 but I was happy with 2. 

You do have to let this dry fully before trying to add another coat, it is a little tacky when drying and will pull the other coats if you don't let it dry completely. I did not have any issues with this polish though! I love it!!!

Next up is Orange You Just Peachy:

Orange You Just Peachy is a nice light orange/peach polish with subtle holographic shimmer. Very nice for spring.

Again I have on 2 coats and was very satisfied with the color, but it is recommended at 3 coats.  I did not have any problems with this polish, its just plain lovely!

Now up is Anti Establish Mint:

Anti Establish Mint is a very lovely light mint green with subtle holographic shimmer. It was difficult to get the color to show right in the pictures, but this is a very lovely color. The closest to the color is on the index finger in this picture.

Here I have on 2 coats of this wonderful color and like the others it is recommended at 3 coats. I was happy with it at 2 coats.

Here is Pretty In Pink:

Pretty In Pink is a very light pink with subtle holographic shimmer. it's a very lovely color that again was hard to capture properly on camera. 

I have on 2 coats and was very happy with the result. It's also recommended to wear with 3 coats. This is a very pretty shade of light pink that will go with anything.

Next is You Blue Me Away:

You Blue Me Away is a very light blue with subtle holographic shimmer. It's a beautiful color!

I have on 2 coats of this one also, and again it is recommended at 3 coats, but it looks lovely with 2 and I was very happy with it.

Last but not least I have Cookies and Milk:

Cookies and Milk has a white crelly base and is packed with black and copper micro glitters and small black hex glitters. It's a very fun polish!

I have on 3 coats of this to get the finish I was going for. I didn't have any issues with any of these beautiful colors!

If you are interested in finding Model City Polish here are places to look:
Facebook and their etsy shop.

I hope you enjoyed these beauties and found some new pretty that you need. Come back again soon to see what else I have lined up for you.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


  1. How interesting! I like the blue one best :) I have a question: How do you manage to keep the polish off your skin?

    1. Very very carefully and lots of practice. But if I get some on I clean it off with a q-tip :)

  2. Beautiful shades. I especially like anti-establish mint and pretty in pink

  3. Nice Cosmetics, I like the a purple on, it's really awesome. Please tell me from where you get these ideas of nail polish... :P =D

  4. Wonderful products. It should be a nice art exhibition!

  5. It would be difficult choosing a model.