Monday, March 11, 2013

Darling Diva Polish review of Love A Lot Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Good Luck Bear!

Today I will be showing you some wonderful Darling Diva Polish. I have had these beauties waiting around to get to show you for a bit, but I had to wait until the right time :) So I will get started here!
First is Love A Lot Bear:

 OMG!! Look at how pretty this is!!
Okay Love A Lot Bear has a semi-iridescent light pink crelly base with blue undertones to it. It's packed with pink hearts, multiple sizes and shapes of gold and white glitters, and tons of pink micro flakes.

As you can see it's semi transparent/semi opaque. It's a very lovely polish. I have on 2 coats in these pictures. Also, I'm sure if you wanted to you could layer this lovely polish over a more opaque base polish. I didn't have any issues with this polish what so ever!

Next up is Grumpy Bear! And really who doesn't love Grumpy Bear?!

 Ah! I just love the shapes in these polishes! So much fun! And I seriously love Care Bears so I freaking love these polishes!
Grumpy Bear has a light blue crelly base with green undertones. It's packed with light pink hearts, blueish green and cobalt flowers, and multi sized white hex glitters.

This polish like the previous could probably be layered over a more opaque base polish. But for me I like it this way. I have on 2 coats of Grumpy Bear. I didn't have to fish to get the big glitters or the little glitters they just came out and went right on.

Last but definitely not least I have Good Luck Bear, which is a great polish for St. Patrick's Day which is coming up :)

My absolute FAV out of the three! Good Luck Bear has a light green crelly base packed with green micro glitter, gold stars, and different sizes and shapes of white and gold glitters.

If you wanted again you could probably apply this as a top coat. As with the others I personally prefer it alone. I have on 2 coats of this super awesome polish. I didn't have any problems with this polish either. it went on wonderfully!

If you would like to find Darling Diva Polish here are some places for you to check: Facebook or her etsy shop!

I hope you enjoyed this post and stick around to see what else I have in store for you! It might just have something to do with these 3 lovely polishes...Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


  1. Hya, these nail polishes are lovely.

    New follower it would make me very happy if you would follow me back.

    Jac x0x

  2. Nice! Are your hands?
    Do you like white colours? which is your favourite?
    A kiss from Spain

    1. Yes these are my hands :)
      I like the white crelly bases with glitter in them, they are so much fun.
      I have far to many favs to list them all :)