Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tried out the Colgate SlimSoft!

Hey there everybody I recently received a great voxbox compliments of Influenster, it was the Colgate box. This included an awesome SlimSoft toothbrush, some wonderful Colgate Total Advanced Whitening toothpaste, and the Colgate Total Advanced Pro-Shield Peppermint Blast mouth wash. According to the packaging it says the SlimSoft 17x slimmer bristles for deep clean, and I was a bit leery but I can honestly say after brushing with it a few times I was in love and tossed out my old toothbrush. The SlimSoft fits in my mouth better than most toothbrushes and the bristles are soft but it feels like there are way more of them than on normal toothbrushes. It gives your mouth that total clean feeling that we are all looking for. So here are some pics I figured I'd share with you!

Again this was all compliments of Influenster, so a thank you goes to them. And I would definitely recommend that you try the Colgate SlimSoft!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my post. This was sort of a trial run to see how blogging would go front kindle fire. I hope you enjoyed this post and stop by again in the future to see what new things I have for you. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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