Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Swap Package!

So over on my Facebook page I set up an Easter Swap with 10 other lovely ladies.  This is what I got from my person (I will do a full post when everyone has received their packages):
There were peeps too, but they fell over backwards and I forgot to pick them back up! Oops my bad! My great swap person was Lisa from Cosmetic Sanctuary she is so great! She sent me Pink Peeps, Skittles egg, Princess egg, Nerds egg, a jelly bean "pooping" Cow, Sinful Colors You Just Wait, Sinful Colors Dancing Nails, Sinful Colors Bali Mist, and Essie To Buy or Not To Buy!  She is so awesome!!
Thanks again Lisa!

Hope you enjoyed my post and you come back to see more.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile :)


  1. are you planning to do a swatch of the to buy or not to buy? i dont have any essie but i saw that one and am thinking of spending the money on it (im on a very limited budget so $8 is a splurge for me) but would love to see it on someones nails first instead of just in the bottle. thanks!

    1. I can do a swatch of it for you..hmm i will try to get it up either later today or tomorrow!! With a brief review of what I think of it! I have used it but you can't really see it because I have nail art over it and it's only on one nail so will do a swatch for you no problem :)