Friday, April 13, 2012

Some nail art I did for a contest :)

Alright well I figured I would share with you a little bit of nail art that I did for a contest on Refined and Polished.  She wanted people to use her nail art to either replicate what she had done, or use what she had done for inspiration.  So I went with the inspiration.  She had a couple of different ones where she incorporated the Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon.  Well I am all for finding the cure and I love pink so of course I was all about that one.  But then I saw a "jelly sandwich" mani and I hadn't tried one of, of course I decided to do both in one.  Here is are the results:

So this look was achieved with many many layers of polish! I used L.A. Colors Pink-a-boo and I sandwiched that with Jordana Pink Hearts topped that with China Glaze Fairy Dust (because when it's got to do with cancer you can always use a little fairy dust).  Now I achieved the depth by going pink, hearts, pink, hearts, pink, glitter.  Like I said many layers.  Then the accent nail is 4 coats of L.A. Colors White topped that with China Glaze Fairy Dust and the ribbon is Kiss Nails in Bikini Pink. I hope you enjoyed my nail art.  I know I enjoyed creating it.

As always thank you for checking out my posts and I hope you come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


  1. Yay!! You used Fairy Dust! :) I love your nail art. It's awesome! You will have to remember this mani for BC awareness month in October!

    1. I used it and I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for sending me such awesome polish! You are so great! I checked out your blog today, I love it! I didn't know you had a blog you so should have told me! I love that I am on your blog roll! So exciting :) Did you see your on mine!!?? Thanks again! :)

  2. nice nail art design..that design is very cool..