Thursday, April 5, 2012

Haul and Nail Mail!! ( I was slacking sorry)

Alright well I will do this in order (I think lol).  Okay here goes.  So I went shopping last week and had a major haul! Here are the pics:
L-R:  Midnight Sky, Deep Blue Sea, Pumpkin Spice, Emerald City, Pink-y Ring, Teeny Greeny Bikini, Lime Lights, Lavender Envy, and Mystic Lilac

L-R Lavender Creme, Rain Check, Wild Card, and, and not pictured Dreamy Poppy who for some reason didn't make it to the pic, I also got OPI's Save me that didn't get in the pic

Donna Michelle in Pink Berry, e.l.f. in love it, and Sally Hansen lip gloss in bliss
As you can tell from this I have a ton of swatching to do!! I am so far behind on this! Okay well now onto the next bit of fun!
Last Friday I received a Thank You Easter package from the wonderful Andrea, who participated in my Easter swap.  She's great! Here's what she sent me: (There was candy too but it didn't make it to picture time! lol)
I got a cute pink bag (background), a thank you note, some cute mini note cards that I will use for my giveaways, China Glaze's Fairy Dust, and Finger Paints Flashy (both were on my ever growing wishlist!)
I also got my Dotting Tools that I ordered from ebay on Friday, they will be pictured with some stuff that I got on Monday or Tuesday.
Found some EOS lip balms, dotting tools, and Hot Ticket Nail Polish in Silver Spoon Me
After getting my mail I went to the store and got some stuff for giveaways and 3 new polishes for me! Not pictured is the Donna Michelle Lip Gloss that is part of the current giveaway.
SH Pumpkin spice x2, NYC Lincoln Square Lavender, WnW Night Prowl, NYC East Village, SH Emerald City, SH Teeny Greeny Bikini, SH Deep Blue Sea, and (as if I needed another lip gloss lol) Revlon Midnight Swirl in Currant Affair.
Then on Sunday I decided to further deteriorate my poor bank account at the drug store where I picked up these, because they don't carry them close to were I live and we were out and found them:
T-B: Hard Candy Walk the Line eyeliner in Licorice, CoverGirl Intense Shadowblast #810, CoverGirl Exact Eyelights Mascara in black sapphire, Hard Candy visibly Wet shockingly glossy lip pencil in Babe, Hard Candy Plumping Serum lip gloss in Life Preserver, CoverGirl shineblast #840, and Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous felt tip eyeliner in Nautical.
And last but definitely not least, I did a swap with the wonderful Aleta of The Nail Junkie (you should definately check out her blog and Facebook pages! She is so great! Here is what she sent me:
She sent me a lovely note, a bottle of Seche Vite (yay!), Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter, Sinful Colors Hottie, some wonderful Felt squares for removing polish, and some nice Fresh White Musk body spray (I think she thinks I smell! lol, I don't by the way)
I really enjoyed this swap with her it was very fun and I got to take three things off my ever expanding wish list!

Well that is all for now!! 

Hope everyone enjoyed my overdue haul/nail mail post! Come back again and have a wonderful day!

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