Saturday, August 25, 2012

Golden Rose Holographic Nail Lacquer 103 and 105

Here I have for you a couple of little beauties that I received in a swap with a lovely lady from Portugal. She was so nice and sent these a little surprise! Which was so wonderful. Golden Rose 103 is a silver scattered holographic that is fairly transparent. You can build it up in about 3 or so coats though. Otherwise I'm quite sure you could use it as a topcoat to turn any color into a holographic (which I will now have to try!). 105 is a rosy pink scattered holographic which is also fairly transparent but takes a little less to build up to opaque than the other one. The formula for these little beauties was great, I didn't have any problems with running or streaking or bald spots, so that was very nice. The dry time on these is good, too. So with that all out of the way here they are:

In this first picture I do have a matte top coat over them, I did a little stamping with some polka dots to try my hand at stamping, which I will add was a major fail. But it wasn't too noticeable :)

Golden Rose #103

Golden Rose #105

Look at that sparkle.  They aren't as holographic as some others that I have, but they are definitely pretty!

This is with 2 thick coats each.

Here you can see more of the holographic sparkle in them.

These are absolutely some beautiful colors. I am going to have to search some more out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)


  1. Great work. Thanks for your time and another brilliant article.
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  2. I've never seen nails more fab than these ones! The glitter really puts the glam in glamorous in nail polish! I should really try these out sometime :)

  3. I have the Golden Rose #103! But mine looks nothing like yours or what I saw in the store :( When I saw it in the store I thought it looked absolutely amazing, just like your nails do in these pictures :) I bought it, but when I put it on, all the color was gone! It's just a glittery silver polish, without any colors whatsoever.. I put three coats and still no difference! Am I doing something wrong?

    1. There is no trick to it. But the multi color sparkle doesnt really show up unless it is in sunlight. Hope that helps

    2. Hmm I hope you're right! Thanks :)

    3. Otherwise maybe try putting over top of a cream color and see if that works, it may work better as a top coat than a color alone. Just a thought :)

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