Thursday, August 30, 2012

Meta'metics: Water Tribe, High Functioning Sociopath, Air Bender, Sing, Water Gun, and Thunder Bolt

This will be picture heavy, consider yourself warned :)

I now have for you a bunch of wonderful polishes from Meta'metics.  They are a wonderful Indie brand with a lot of different great polishes and colors that are inspired by many different sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture things. These are made by geeks for geeks, so keep that in mind.  I am starting off with Water Tribe, which is definitely my favorite, this was inspired by the series-Avatar: The Last Airbender. Water Tribe is a deep blue with a teal hint to it, with tons of holographic goodness. Formula is a dream, goes on wonderfully, no running, or anything like that. Wear time was great lasted a good 3 days, which is excellent for me, because I work in the care giver field so there is tons of hand washing. Dry time was also excellent. There really isn't anything else I can say about this gorgeous color so I will stop rattling on and on and just show it to you :)

Up close in the sun. Can you see all that great holographic goodness? It's just wonderful, and a driving hazard :) I kept looking at my awesome nails and not the road!

Here it is again in the sun.

This is what it looks like with out the direct sunlight. Still a great color. Looks like it has a ton of silver sparkles in it in the shade. Then you step in the sun and it just explodes with all that holographic greatness!

This is with the flash of my camera. You can see all the great sparkles going on.  Unfortunately this is one of the many Indie colors that will be discontinued due to an issue getting the holographic element in the polish.

You can check out the store here:

Next I have a skittles with the other colors that I got. First is High Functioning Sociopath, inspired by the BBC Sherlock Series.  This is a deep blue jelly base with iridescent blue hex glitters. This will be on my thumb in the pictures.  Next is Air Bender, inspired by the series-Avatar: The Last Airbender. This is a light blue milky base with large and medium white hex glitter, large and medium teal iridescent hex glitter, and small blue iridescent hex glitter.  This will be found on my index finger. Following that on my middle finger is, Sing, which is inspired by Pokemon. This is a neon pink jelly base polish with large round silver glitter and medium silver hex glitter.  Then on my ring finger is Water Gun, also inspired by Pokemon. This is a bright blue jelly base with large and medium white hex glitter, large blue square glitter, and medium tealy blue hex glitter. And last but not least is Thunder Bolt, which is also Pokemon inspired. This is a neon yellow base with black bar glitter, and large and medium hex glitter. The first pictures are with no undies the second set will be with a white undie.

This is one coat each. High Functioning Sociopath and Water Gun are slightly streaky but even out later.

Here is 2 coats each and you can no longer see the streaks. The glitter in Sing are a little more difficult to get out. But with a good shake of the bottle I managed.

Here they are looking lovely with 3 coats each.

This is an up close of Thunder Bolt. And the closeness of the camera did slightly was out the brightness of this color. It is a neon yellow like the above picture.

This is Water Gun. Which has a semi matte finish to it. Very fun color though. 

Sing. The camera slightly washed out the brightness of this color also. It is a very neon pink.

Airbender. Which is a bit brighter and lighter than this picture, I think my camera was still adjusting from the neons. 

High Functioning Sociopath. True to color, but in person you can see those glitters in there better.

Here they all are over a white base, with one coat.

Over the white base, with 2 coats. You can see the white base really makes the Pokemon colors pop. High Functioning Sociopath looks a bit brighter and Airbender shows the milky blue color.

I really enjoy all of these colors and will continue to look for more great colors to come!

To follow them on Facebook go here:  And to get to their shop directly go here:

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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