Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It just so happens to be GIVEAWAY time :)

Well it's been quite some time since I've done a giveaway on here so I started thinking that it was time to get one going, I spoke to some awesome ladies that were willing to sponsor this so I hope you all enjoy and show them some love!

Thank you all for following me on my blog and my facebook page I really do appreciate it! Here's to more followers and more likes!

There will be 14 winners in this giveaway!  This is for Continental U.S. residents only (sorry to everyone else, but if you have someone here that is willing to ship to you then you are welcome to enter). You must enter through the rafflecopter widget. If you "fake" an entry you will be completely disqualified form winning and I do check, so please don't make me remove your entries. You must be 18 years or older or have parent permission as I will need your mailing information to ship to you. This is my giveaway and none of the sponsors or host companies can be held liable for this giveaway, so if you have any issues the only person you can contact about them is me. After I ship your package it is out of my hands and I will not be held liable for how the post office handles the packages. Just so you know, you may win more than one prize. This will run from 8/7/12 to 9/7/12 at 12 am est, I will post the winners on my blog and they will then have 24 hours to email me their shipping information to enchantingcosmetics@yahoo.com. If you do not get me your shipping information within 24 hours, I will then choose a new winner for that prize. Those are the rules please follow them.

Here are the wonderful prizes that you have the chance to win!

First up is Elixir Lacquers.  She was kind enough to sponsor 2 polishes, so there will be 2 winners of Elixir Lacquers, one will win With a K and the other will win Powder Keg. Here is a link to her shop http://www.elixirlacquers.com, please check it out! She has some really great stuff, I also have a review up on one of her polishes if you would like to check it out. Here are bottle shots of these 2 prizes:

Next up is from the lovely Tish of Pretty Face, Happy Bank who I asked to join me with this giveaway. So please check out her page and her blog! She is sending one lucky winner all of this:

Now I also, talked with the oh so very wonderful Pam of Girly Bits who was generous enough to sponsor a bottle of the very beautiful Arctic Sunrise from her latest collection. You can find her shop here: http://girlybits.bigcartel.com/. Check her out she has some other really wonderful colors, I have a review up of Arctic Sunrise along with a guest drop in of another of her polishes. Here is the bottle shot:

Next up are the lovely polishes made by Diana over at Polish Monster, she doesn't sell them and isn't currently thinking about selling, but sometimes when you're lucky she is willing to swap them! I have a guest review up on these lovely little creations, so be sure to check that out! Here they are for one lucky person:

I also decided to chat with Ash of Daring Digits who was kind enough to offer this winner 2 polishes of their choice from her etsy store! Her shop can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/DaringDigits?ref=si_shop.  And let me tell you, she has some pretty awesome new polishes. I also did a review on a couple of her polishes, so feel free to check that out! Here is a bottle shot of the lovelies that I got from her:

Next up I contacted Amy of Perception Nail Lacquer whose shop can also be found on her facebook page. She was generous enough to sponsor a bottle of her Lustful Lavender, which appears to be a very lovely lavender! I have a guest review up on Amy's lovely polishes and check back for a review of my own on her wonderful polishes! Here is a bottle shot of what you could win:

I also decided to get in touch with the great Amber of Crazy for Lacquer who was kind enough to sponsor a bottle of her Speckle Rama (which I think is to die for!).  Her shop can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CrazyforLacquer. Here is a bottle shot of what you could win:

Next up I contacted the wonderful Cas of what was FEVERLacquer, but since they went into other cosmetic lines is now called Wishful Bath Beauty. She was generous enough to sponsor her Clay, Mint, & Mangosteen Face Mask, along with a whole set of 4 Summer 2012 FEVERShadows! Exciting right? I think so! I will hopefully be reviewing these soon! Here is what you could win:

Next are two great Indie companies that I contacted that both supplied 3 mini's each, so I paired them up. They are Nail Potions and F4 Polish.  You can find F4 Polish's shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/f4polish, and they do have some AWESOME stuff so check it out. I did a review of a couple of their polishes, so feel free to check that out. And Nail Potions' shop can be found here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/Kunimitsu they also have some pretty neat stuff! So between these two great Indie brands there will be 3 winners who will each receive 2 mini bottles as pictured below:
Nail Potions-Feed my Cookie Monster and F4 Polish-Hawaiian Punk

Nail Potions-Feed my Cookie Monster and F4 Polish-Cotton Candy Confetti

Nail Potions-Kunimitsu and F4 Polish-Stormy Skies
I was also lucky enough to get in touch with Michelle of Sonnetarium, who was kind enough to sponsor a 9ml bottle of After the Rain and one of Snowfall! The winner of this gets both of these lovelies! Michelle's shop can be found here: http://sonnetarium.etsy.com. Here is the prize you could win:

Last, but definitely not least is Shimmer Polish who was kind enough to sponsor their beautiful Airriann. You can find Shimmer Polish's shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ShimmerPolish.  I was lucky enough to review some of these lovely polishes, so check it out if you want. Here is a bottle shot of what you could win:

So now that you have seen all the prizes and read the rules, here is where you enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thank you everyone! I hope you enjoy. Have a great day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :) 


  1. I didnt see a GFC place on Daring Digits, nor Polish Monsters. I did accidentally enter on Daring Digits..Could you please let me know how to fix this? I dont want to lose all entries just because I couldnt find the GFC link:(


    Shandra Franklin

    Facebook name; Franklin Waterman

    1. I couldn't find the GFC on these pages either.

    2. I changed it to bloglovin or email for polish monster and forgot to change the title on hers. Sorry about that! As for daring digits follow with whatever option is available and let me know in the space where you would put ur gfc

  2. i agree with shandra as i didn't find gfc links on either of those blogs. help!!!

  3. Couldnt follow on GFC as I dont have a GFC account:( I however thank you for the giveaway & hope to win.
    Danita Vojta

  4. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  5. Great giveaway! Thanks for the chance!

  6. WOW! Thanks for the giveaway so many beautiful polishes....it is like Polish Heaven ;) Good Luck everyone!

  7. Great Giveaway!!!... I also encountered some difficulties entering some of the info for some but I did put in my info, one way or another,lol

  8. Thx for this Great Giveaway. I really want this awesome item. wish me luck :)

  9. I can't enter this as I am Canadian, but I am a new follower to your blog! :D

  10. for daring digits I didn't see a way 2 follow through e-mail I followed through gfc

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  13. What A Great & HUGE Giveaway ♥