Thursday, December 13, 2012

Review of the DandyNails Winter Collection (Moonglow, Cashmere Night, Highest Ground, Bory-Alice, and Chilled Down)

This time around I have the whole DandyNails Winter Collection. This is a wonderful collection and I just figured since I had to have over half of them and I liked all of them, I might as well just go ahead and get them all! So to start this off I have Moonglow.

Here is Moonglow and all it's lovely scattered holo goodness! The base is a lovely charcoal grey. There isn't much to say about this beautiful polish, it says it all for itself.

The close up was a bit more difficult to capture, since the holo freaked out my camera.  I only have on one coat in these photos. This is such a great scattered holo! I love it and all these pictures are in regular household light, no sun the day I took the pictures!

I had absolutely no problems with this polish. No dragging, no dripping, just wonderful coverage from a wonderfully created polish! Dry time is great too :)

Next up is Cashmere Night.

Cashmere Night is a wonderful deep royal purple with blue micro glitters and tons of shimmers in red and blue.  This polish has a matte finish, and looks awesome that way. But if you add a clear coat it looks completely different, and looks great that way too!

I didn't have any problems with this polish. These pictures show it with only one coat. So obviously there is no dragging or bald spots like most matte polishes. 

The bottle shot, here you can really see the pretty micro blue sparkles!

Here is Highest Ground.

 As you can see Highest Ground is a beautiful light blue/turquoise frosted base, filled with multi colored micro glitters (silvers, blues, and teals from what I can tell).

In these pictures I am wearing 2 coats to achieve this look.  This is an extremely beautiful color and the sparkle is just amazing.

Here's the bottle shot with all it's wonderful glitters and shimmers!

Now I have Bory-Alice for you.

Here is Bory-Alice which is a dark duo-chrome, purple-teal. This polish is extremely pretty.  I do not have an undie on with this polish. This is it all by itself, one coat.

I did not have any application issues with this polish what so ever, that means no dragging (obviously because I'm only wearing one coat), there was no dripping, just wonderful application.

Here is the wonderful bottle shot, you can see the teal and purple here in the bottle shot! So pretty! Sandy of DandyNails really outdid herself with this wonderful Winter collection of hers!

Last but definitely not least and my personal favorite, Chilled Down.

Here is Chilled Down, it has a light grey milky base with tons of gold micro shimmer and irregular small blue glitter. I have on 2 coats of this wonderful color. I really love how these colors set each other off.

I didn't have any issues with this polish, no dripping, no dragging, and no fishing. This polish went on like a dream! I just love the colors so much :)

The bottle shot to show how packed full of beauty this polish is.

Here are some ways to find DandyNails:
Facebook and their etsy shop.

I hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it for you, also that you come back again soon to see what else i have in store for you. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)