Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Review of KBShimmer: Snow Way, Cocoa Nut, and Elle

Now I have some beautiful KBShimmer lacquers for you. Two of them are from her Winter collection.  I have Snow Way, Cocoa Nut, and Elle for you.  I will start out with Snow Way, which is part of the Winter colllection:

Here is the thumb shot. As you can see this has a light blue base with white and holo micro glitter, and multiple other sizes of white hex glitters. I have on 2 coats of Snow Way and it gave very nice coverage. 

Here is the bottle shot, and as you can see here the bottle is just jam packed with all that great glitter. And it really reminds me of a snowy winter day with the blue sky in the background. I really enjoy this polish. I didn't have any issues with it what so ever. Just dip and apply no fishing. And the dry time is great.

 Look at that beautiful light blue base! If you are a blue lover, this is definitely a good polish for you!

Next up is Cocoa Nut and this is the other lacquer that I have from the Winter collection.

This beautiful lacquer is Cocoa Nut, the base is a great chocolate brown packed plum full of holographic micro glitter and multiple sizes of iridescent fuchsia glitter. I have on 2 coats of this gorgeous polish. 


I did not have any problems with this polish what so ever. There was no fishing for glitter or any other issues. The dry time with these polishes is excellent.

Here's the bottle shot so that you can see just how full of pretty sparkle this polish is! I just love these polishes! These 3 are my first KBShimmer lacquers and I couldn't be happier with them. They are absolutely amazing, now I know what everyone was raving about.

Last but definitely not least I have Elle.

Elle has a wonderful pale grey jelly base with large silver and pink hexes, medium iridescent silver squares, medium matte salmon and pink hexes, small white squares, and micro matte salmon glitters.

I have on 3 coats of this wonderful polish. The depth when it's built up is great. The different colors in this polish are contrasting and make this polish pop and stand out.

The bottle shot, just to show you how wonderful the glitters all look in a bigger surface :)

Here are some great ways to find KBShimmer:
Facebook, their etsy shop, and

I really hope that you enjoyed this post as much as I did, and you come back again soon to see what else I have in store for you. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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