Friday, May 25, 2012

My two month Haulage!

I will admit that I have been somewhat slacking on posting my haul pictures, I apologize for this. I have been pretty busy with my kids getting out of school and lots of other things.  But I figured you all would love to see all of my lovely haulage from the past two months or so.  So here it is all the lovely things I've gotten for myself, in swaps, and blogger mailed. (Message from your keyboard: "Please try not to drool on me this time, Thank you." lol) Here we go:

Elemental Styles: (L to R) Actinium My Age, Fool's Gold, Can I Buy You a Zinc?

My sparkles and "fish egg" mani supplies from the Dollar Tree.

My lucky win from PeaceLoveLacquer. Sinful Colors: Cinderella and Essie Main Squeeze.

Pretty & Polished in Bayou Blitz and Jawbreaker. 

Trade with the lovely JensNailFiles. Sinful Colors: Summer Peach, Fusion Pink, and Why Not. Spoiled: Are Mermaids Real? and Toad-ally Amazing.  Wet n Wild Tickled Pink.

Awesome blogger mail from FEVERlacquer for her FEVERshadow. Which you can find reviews for here Rue's WildflowersDistrict 12 Soot, or Effie's Trinket.

My Wonder-Beauty-Products in Moonshine Merlot.

A trade I did with the WONDERFUL Aleta of TheNailJunkie. She sent me 2 great magazines, OPI's Avojuice in Mango, Finger Paints in Flashy, Hard Candy (black with silver glitters), and Sinful Colors in Nail Junkie, All About You, Boom Boom, Boogie Nights, Cloud 9, I Love You, and Love Nails.

A special coupon, I got the OPI Spiderman Mini;s, and Zoya's Zuza.

 Wonderful blogger mail from Nutra-Lift.

The picture below is from a wonderful swap with Lisa of She sent me some super great stuff that I will soon get a post up about. (I am super slacking!)

My second lovely coupon buy, Sally Hansen in Blue Streak and Megan Miller in Caribbean.

Ulta order for swap and prizes. 

GlitterFest: Juicy Watermelon, Water Wings, Boys of Summer, Spray Tan, Beach Bum, and Strawberry Lemonade.

Wonderful trade with FingerPaintingFingers. She sent me some lovelies! Spoiled: Pet My Peacock, Your Fly's Down, Tip Your Waitress, Watch Your Language, Did I Dye it to Blonde?, Kickin' the Habit, Shrimp on the Barbie, Bite Me, Distant Memory, Ants in My Pants, and Toad-ally Amazing. Finger Paints in Blue Raspberry Taffy and Easel-y Entertained. China Glaze Liquid Crystal and Orly Oh Cabana Boy.

Blogger Mail from Dazzle Dry! Excited! They sent me Calypso Romance. 

EnchantedPolishPage in Austin Powers, for my review go  here

Blogger mail for Bari and Love My Lips! 

Huemorista, 2 Sets: Naughty Love which includes: Sex on the Moon, Pleasure Punch, and Midnight Invite; and Lessons in Lust which includes: Lipstick Ring, Unzipped, and Deeper.

Excellent trade with JensNailFiles.  Wet n Wild Blue Wants to be a Millionaire, LA Colors MegaWatt, Wet n Wild Through the Grapevine, and Seche Vite Clear base coat.

ElixirLacquers in Bad Kitty.

And last but definitely not least, I won these lovely Anise polishes from Love For Lacquer. They are (L to R) Chill Out, Sun Soaker, Let's Tiki, Yummy Sorbet, and Bronzed Babe.

Well I think that's all of them! I don't think I missed any, although I might have! LOL. Well I hope you enjoyed this post :)

Hope you come back again soon. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking.

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