Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mentality Nail Polish Review of Elation, Rapture, Euphoria, and Holo

Alright today I have some very wonderful holographic polishes for you made by Mentality Polish.  I will be showing you Elation, Rapture, Euphoria, and Holo. They are all wonderful polishes and I did not have any application issues with any of them.  They all went on like butter, no dragging or dripping or anything else of the sort.  They have wonderful dry time and are opaque within 2 coats.  They have some of the best holographic sparkle that I have seen around. I absolutely love these polishes. I am super happy that I decided to get them all!
So I will start off with Elation, which is a beautiful light blue sparkly scattered holo that has some turquoise and pink undertone sparkles in the shade.

Outside in the shade. And this is with 2 thin coats.

Here is an in the sun shot. Where you can see the lovely holographic sparkle.

Thumb shot at one angle in the sun and you can see the great sparkle that this polish has. And the wonderful blue color that it is.

But this shot is even better! This one really shoes the great holographic sparkles and all their goodness! Absolutely love this!

Here's another in the sun shot from a different angle.

A little bit closer. And on the index finger you can see the pink standing out a bit. So pretty!

Last but not least for this color, the fantabulous bottle shot!

Next up is the very lovely Rapture, which is a gorgeous copper sparkly scattered holographic. There really aren't words to describe how beautiful these polishes are!

This is in the house in the shade and you can see all the gorgeous sparkles of the base color itself and the great holographic tones.

A wonderful in the sun shot showing all the different colors and tones to this fantastic color. This is also 2 thin coats.

This color is just so beautiful! (I do apologize for the very poor state of my cuticles! Please forgive me!)

It's just so great!!!

There's a beautiful thumb shot. 

Look at the great glowing effect that this polish has!

The beautiful bottle shot!

Now I have Euphoria for you, which is a lovely gold with some copper sparkle that is a scattered holographic. It's kind of a great champagne color. I really love this.

This is again only 2 thin coats. This is in the shade in my house. It has a wonderful sparkle in the shade.

Look at that great gold/champagne with gorgeous holographic sparkles.

The awesome bottle shot!

The wonderful thumb shot!

Last but definitely not least is their spectacular holographic topcoat. Which makes any polish a great holographic color!

In the regular light of my house. This is over Wet n Wild Wet Cement which is a light grey color.

Here it is in the sun. Look at all that great holographic sparkle!

Here it is over Wet n Wild On a Trip. All of these only have one coat of Holo. This is in the regular light of my house.

Here it is in the sun and you can really see all the great holo!

Holo over I Need a Refresh-Mint in the normal light of my house.

For some reason in the sun it makes the base color look a bit more green than normal. But you can definitely see all the great holographic sparkle.

Here is Holo over NYC Lincoln Square Lavender in the normal light of my house.

And last but surely not least in the sun! It's such a great holographic topcoat.

You can find Mentality here:
Facebook, bigcartel shop, or

I hope you all enjoyed seeing these wonderfully spectacular holographic goodies! Please come back again soon to see what else I have for you.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know who might be looking :)

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