Friday, November 23, 2012

Review of Girly Bits Roger That and Smurf Dance

Today I have some awesome polishes from Girly Bits for you! I have Roger That and Smurf Dance.  I will start with Roger That, which was created in memory of Brady Rogers, and $5 from the sale of this shade goes to Brady's Bursary.  Here is a little extra information on this (taken from the Girly Bits page): "Saturday, July 21st, our community was shocked, and deeply saddened by the sudden and unexplained death of a local teen, Brady Rogers. Brady and his closest friends and family were at his home celebrating his high school graduation when Brady collapsed and died.
His close knit circle of friends have been reeling ever since, searching for answers, and trying to comfort one another. Brady was larger than life in spirit, personality, and even in his 6'4 red haired, blue eyed frame. He was one of those kids who left an impression on everyone who's path he crossed. He loved his friends and family deeply and wasn't afraid to show it.
Brady's friends have spent the better part of the week, creating tributes to Brady in the form of orange ribbons and posters which they painted the town with, especially along the funeral route from the funeral home, to the community center where a service for Brady was held, with a full house of 700+ people.
My daughter came to me on Monday, asking if I could create a polish, in Brady's memory, and donate the proceeds to the Brady Rogers Memorial Bursary Fund at Kingsville District High School, which he graduated from just weeks before. I told her if she and her friends came up with a colour inspiration, and a name, I could have it done in time for them to wear to the funeral service on Wednesday. They all agreed- a sparkly blue, like Brady's eyes. The name? Roger That. (his twitter name)
 Consider it done.
Mackenzie and I paid a visit to Brady's parents- Mark and Susanne Rogers, and left them with 55 bottles of Roger That, to be sold for $10 each, with 100% of the proceeds going to Brady's Bursary.
All 55 were immediately purchased, with many requests for more. I have donated 100 bottles to the family, with 100% of the money from those sales going into the fund. I have also poured more and I will continue to offer the polish on my site, for the retail price of $12.50, with $5.00 from every bottle sold going to Brady's Bursary.
If you are local to the Kingville/Essex County area and would like to make arrangements for pick up, please contact me directly. They are also available at Shoppers Drug mart, My Cousins Closet, Maxwell Maze and GrinVilla. More locations to be announced soon.
Thank you so much for your amazing support"
Such an amazing thing to do! Now after that I will show you "Roger That"!

Can you see all that excellent holographic goodness? It's amazing. This polish is holoy even without the sun!

Thumb shot :)  I had no problems with this polish at all, it went on like a dream and dried great. I have Nubar Diamonte top coat over it and it did not take away from the holographicness at all. In these pictures I have on 3 coats.

Up close thumb shot, with tons of holoy goodness.
 Next up I have Smurf Dance, which has a clear base with fine holographic glitter in it, it also has multiple sized blue and white glitters  in many different shapes and sizes. Not limited to but including: squares, hexes, and bars. If I remember correctly this polish was made during a conversation, in a nail group I am part of, about the Smurfs. I love this polish. I have 2 coats on to show that you definitely can wear this polish alone, and I have one coat of it on over Roger That to show how awesome that looks too. I didn't have to fish for glitters, I had absolutely no problems with this polish at all. I really love both of them!

Gotta LOVE this sparkly bottle shot!  Plus it shows off all the different shapes and sizes of sparkles in there :)

It's so pretty I really don't have to say anything about it!

Here is one coat over Roger That. Yes there is some wear in this picture, but that's because I wore this polish for about 4 days!

Here are all the fingers with the bottle! And you can see the pretty little jewel that adorns each and every bottle of Girly Bits polish :)

Here are all the fingers again, and as you can tell it just depends on the brush stroke what you end up with on that nail.

Still freaking amazing!

Here is where you can look to find yourself some Girly Bits: Facebook, the blog, or the shop.

I hope you all enjoyed this post and come back again soon for more great posts.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know who might be looking :)

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