Sunday, November 4, 2012

Review of SmittenPolish Bluebird

Today I will be reviewing Bluebird by SmittenPolish.  Bluebird has a lovely taupe base with micro blue and teal glitter, and medium blue and teal iridescent glitter. It's a really contrasting and fun color combination.  This was my first "brown" based polish, and I freaking love it. I really haven't seen very many others, which is kinda sad, but this is definitely my favorite of the ones I have seen.  I didn't have to fish glitter out. No drag marks or bald spots. No dripping or running. Dry time was great. I love it! So here are the pictures that you are looking for!

This is an upclose of the thumb with 2 thick coats. And this is very color accurate.

Here is a bottle shot, that shows you all of the great glitter that is in this wonderful polish.  This is not very color accurate for the base color, though, for some reason the color washed out in this picture. But the on the nail pictures are very color accurate.

Here's another shot of the thumb from a little farther away. Still 2 coats.

Here are all the fingers: Index 4 coats, middle 3 coats, ring 2 coats, pinkie 1 coat.

For me 3 coats is plenty, I wore it with only 2 coats and was very happy with it.

Here they all are again with the bottle.

You can find SmittenPolish here:
Facebook or on etsy.

Hope you all enjoyed this and come back again soon for more! Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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