Saturday, November 3, 2012

Review of Pretty and Polished Fun Haus, Wherever You Go, I Virgo, Daddy's Girl, Boot Camp, and Party On My Yacht!

Today I will be showing you a few lovely creations made by Pretty & Polished. I have Fun Haus, Wherever You Go, I Virgo, Daddy's Girl, Boot Camp, and Party on My Yacht in store for you. I will start out the "fun" with Fun Haus, this is the perfect blush pink with holographic sparkles. I did not have any problems with application, no dripping, dragging, or anything else. It went on wonderfully with only 2 coats, but I put on a 3rd just to be safe. I wore this to work (I am a Certified Nursing Assistant which = hand washing millions of time) for a 12 hour shift and then did the dishes the next day with very few chips, which in my book says a lot. So without further ado here it is:

Here is a bottle shot of this pink beauty! Look at that sparkle!

Here it is on my thumb with 3 coats worth of loveliness! (don't mind the little nic there, that just shows how impatient I am LOL)

Also, these pictures were taken after the 12 hour shift and the dish washing. I took pics before and they got deleted or something. 

Here it is on all fingers in the normal lighting of my house. You can see the holographic sparkles a little bit.

And here it is in the sun where you can really see the holographic greatness!

And another in the shade. Where you can see even without the awesome holographic sparkles it's still a very beautiful color!

Next up is Wherever You Go, I Virgo. This has a white milky base with varying sizes of glitters in turquoise, light blue, and iridescent silver. I have 3 coats on to get this color and depth. I really love this polish! The colors look so good together.

Here are the fingers. And you can see all the different little glitters in there. I love how it contrasts but doesn't stand out completely. It's different but professional at the same time. 

Understated yet gorgeous.

 Did I mention I freaking love this color? Well I do!

Next up is Daddy's Girl. This polish has a light jelly blue base with micro matte purple, matte light pink, and metallic turquoise; along with medium hexes in matte pink, light blue, light metallic pink, light metallic purple, and light pink hearts. I did not have any issues with this polish. Of course it was a challenge to get a heart on the nail, but that is the same with all shaped glitter, so nothing new there. Such a pretty polish and definitely one for those of us out there who are Daddy's Girls :)

Here is the thumb shot, and I have this on with 3 coats. Here you can see the different colors in the jelly blue base.

The pink and turquoise really stand out and make this polish pop!

Here are all the fingers and as you can see I did get one heart on my index finger :)

Love this polish and not just because of the name, which is why I originally bought it, but the colors that were put together here and the way the go together is just amazing.

Next is Boot Camp. This polish dries with a matte finish, which looks super cool. This has a very shimmery grass green base with black bar glitter, dark brown iridescent glitters in multiple sizes, and green hex and square glitter. This is a very neat color. The glitter in this one was a little more difficult to get onto the nail. There was a little fishing and bottle shaking with this one, but nothing major. And it was definitely worth it for the end result. I have 3 coats on.

I did put a clear coat over it on my middle finger so you could see the difference.

Here's an up close thumb shot, to show you the different glitter and shapes. You can see the matte finish well here too and all the shimmer in the base.

Here's a bottle shot. And those glitter that look kind of red are really more of an iridescent brown. Very pretty. I really like the brown glitter.

And here are all the fingers again with the bottle. This is a very contrasting and different polish. I can't say that I've seen anything even remotely close to it :)

Now, last but definitely not least Party On My Yacht. This polish has a milky white base with green, gold, purple, and fuchsia mini metallic glitter hexes, along with some mini turquoise bar glitter. It's a super fun polish that I am so glad I finally got!  I didn't have any application issues with this polish at all. It went on like a dream in 2 coats.

Here's a bottle shot so you can see all the glitters spread out everywhere in there.

Up close of the thumb. Perfect application with different colors everywhere and one of the super cute little mini bars in there too!

I little further away and it still looks great.

Here are the rest of the fingers and you can see that they all look great! Plus there's another mini bar on my ring finger :)

And all the fingers with the bottle! Love this polish :)

Here's where you can find Pretty & Polished:
Facebook, on the blog, or in her shop on etsy.

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back again soon. Have a wonderful day and don't forget to smile, you never know whose looking :)

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