Monday, March 19, 2012

Arissa review on Pretty

This is a review on Arissa's Pretty. This is an almost mauve color with pink and sort of gold shimmers in it.  The first coat goes on a little transparent but no streaks so that's always a good thing.  With the second coat it is a wonderfully opaque color.  I only used two coats because that is all it took. It has a quick dry time and is super shiny before the topcoat. It has that almost wet shine to it. I have had this color for quite a long time and getting it out made me realize why I love it. The pictures make it look pretty, but they definitely do not do it justice at all. I'm still sitting here starring at my nails because they look so pretty. Here are the pics:

Please don't make fun of my poor broken finger nail! I hit it in the car when I was shifting. They were all even and looked so good. I can't bring myself to cut the rest down to match!

Thank you for checking out my post! Hope you come back again! And have a wonderful day!

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