Thursday, March 29, 2012

Perfectly Posh's Chunk Soap in Gender Bender!

Well now I will be doing a nice review for you all on Perfectly Posh's Chunk Soap in Gender Bender. A very nice Independent Perfectly Posh Consultant sent me some wonderful things to try out and review for her. Below is a picture of the little hunk of Gender Bender that I received.  First I will give you the information that the company gives and then I will let you know what I think.

Chunk: Big Bath Bar
Big, fat luxury to get your hands around. Chunk Bath Bars are a fragrant, lathering, sanctuary for your skin. Creamy butters, and moisturizing ingredients combine with rare and intricate fragrances. You'll have to hold on with both hands when you climb in and experience a Chunk from Perfectly Posh.
Made with an organic soap base: sodium palmate.  Big, long lasting, lathering luxury.  SLS-free, Phthalate-free fragrance.
Gender Bender:
 Because truly clean doesn't discriminate, the Gender Bender invites all to wash and be cleaned and Posh. A crisp fragrance for all and made with activated charcoal powder, silt, and carbon to absorb over 1000X their own weight in pollution and free-radicals that offend while natural shea butter calms, soothes and enriches skin.


7oz CHUNK bath bars: $9

All right now onto the good stuff! I received Gender Bender along with some other awesome goodies from an Independent Perfectly Posh Consultant to review and let everyone know what I think of this!  I love this product!
It has a nice crisp clean sent that is not overpowering, and that is great for men or women. It has a nice smooth texture and it really does lather up very well.  Gender Bender lathers up just as well, if not better than, your average gel soap, which is GREAT! Because really who wants a soap with no lather, sure not me! It leaves the skin feeling clean and wonderful. Unlike a lot of products that I have used this does NOT leave me feeling dry and itchy.  We have really hard water so normally when I get out of a shower or bath I have to lather on the lotion. With the Gender Bender I don't need any lotion at all, I don't feel itchy or dry, I feel clean and refreshed and moisturized already.
I had read somewhere that this is an all-over soap, so I put that to the test just to see what the results were.  I used it to wash my body of course and I loved it. Second, I used it to wash my face instead of using my normal face wash.  Gender Bender has worked wonders for my face! My normal face wash leaves my face really dried out and a little flaky even, but it was the only thing I could find that would stop the breakouts.  Well move aside and make some room, because Gender Bender has won me over! I have been using that little hunk of soap in the picture above for about a week now to wash my body and my face and I have not had any breakouts, no dryness, nothing! Just normal skin for once.  I am in love with Gender Bender!  The Gender Bender has given me a whole new outlook for my face.  So like I said before I read that it was for all over wash.  Well all over includes your hair, right?  Yes, yes it does.  I tried Gender Bender out on my hair, and it worked fairly well, now keep in mind that it was not really formulated for hair.  For me I say it worked fairly well, because I have super thin and fine hair, so when I use Gender Bender to wash my hair the moisturizers in it, of course, stick to the hair, well this wouldn't probably be a problem for someone with normal hair. But for me it kind of weighs down my hair.  I will say that it did make my hair feel super clean and very shiny. It's just a little bit to heavy.  Which really stinks, because I'd love to be able to use one product for everything!
So my overall thoughts on this are that it is a wonderfully formulated product and I would not hesitate to recommend it to friends and family.  As a matter of fact I have already been recommending it! 

As always thank you for reading my post and I really hope you enjoyed it and will come back for more!  Hope you have a wonderful day :)

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