Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patty's Mani Options!

Alright well I will start by saying that my green polishes let me down. I just am not impressed with what I have.  This will be a review on three different green shades and brands. I will start this off with one called Love Bites Nail Deco, in the bottle it looks like an iridescent lime green, there is no name on the bottle I picked this up at Rue 21 some time ago. This is a very transparent color and has an almost matte finish. It is iridescent, it has some blues and purples in it.  It is very runny.  It was a little streaky when I put it on.  It took at least 3 minutes per coat to dry and I had to apply 4 coats to achieve this color. Overall it is not a brand I would recommend. Here is the pictures (I did have gold accent on the tips and the middle finger):

Second I tried out my new Sinful Colors (which is usually magnificent) in Irish Green.  This was another transparent green. Looking at the bottle you would not think it was going to be transparent at all, it has an almost matte looking finish, as its not really shinny but it's not completely matte either.  It's consistency was okay, it's a little bit runny but not bad. It goes on smooth and is not streaky so that was a plus. It has quick dry time, but it did take 3 coats to achieve the color in the pictures. If you are looking for a transparent green I would recommend this one, otherwise no. Here are the pictures:
On the shorter nails it doesn't appear as transparent, but on the longer nails you can see the transparency.

Lastly I tried out the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails that I just got in Limestone. This is a fairly opaque color. It is semi runny and is fairly streaky, but I worked around that. I only applied two coats to get the color in the pictures. It has a very shiny finish to it which was nice after the others. This has a pretty good dry time, about a minute or so. So overall this was my pick for my St. Patty's day mani.  I accented it with Revlon's Gold Coin on my left ring finger and my index finger tip, on the right I accented my middle finger and pinkie tips and some light random lines on my index and ring finger. I was not able to take a picture of the right hand where you could see the detail on the index and ring fingers so I am not posting pictures of that hand. But here are the pictures I am posting:

All right well that's all I have for now. As always I hope you return again and leave me some feedback on what you think or your experience with these colors!  Thanks and Have a wonderful day :)

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