Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reviewing Avon Nail Color in Delish

Alright well today I decided to do a review on my Avon Nail color in Delish.  It is kind of a coral color. It went on pretty well, it is a very thin polish. I also noticed that you need to get it on even the first time or it gets streaky (which I hate). I am pretty happy with this polish. Not necessarily my favorite of colors so I added some SC's Let's Talk, love this color, it's a dark purple. I also used Avon Color Nail Experts liquid acrylic nails base coat, that went on very well not to happy about the dry time on that (10 minutes) but other than that I liked it. Will see if it actually makes nails stronger though. I used a clear Nailene top coat, because that is all I have :( I had some others but my children (who I absolutely love) decided to play in my nail polish stash a little while back. Unfortunately I haven't been able to replace everything that they got to yet. Well heres a pic (my pics aren't the best but have to use my camera phone until I get a new SD card for camera):
Here is another this one has Cover Girls Boundless Color in Pink Twinkle over it:
My son likes sparkles so he wanted me to add them! I like them over SC's Let's Talk much better than over Avon's Delish.  I also really like the color that it makes when I put the Delish over the Let's Talk, might have to do nails like that so everyone can see! Would love to hear what everyone/anyone (lol) thinks of my "artwork"!


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    1. Of coarse! Thank you for following mine and for your comment!!