Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review on several different Top Coats :)

Okay well I am going to do a mass review on 5 different topcoats that have a slightly different effect and or color.  I will start with my index finger which is Mary-KateAndAshley in Fab.  This is an opaque blue with some holographic shimmers in it. I applied two coats for picture purposes.  It is alone with nothing under it, so you can see the color effect alone.  It went on well not streaky or runny.  Here's a picture:
Next I had Maybelline Colorama in Pink Pearl on my middle finger.  The name is exactly what it is. An almost whit looking color with pink and gold pearl effects.  It's very pretty, but very transparent.  I have two coats on in the picture for you.  It goes on very nicely though, it's not streaky or runny.
Then on my ring finger I had a very lovely Petites in Jewel.  This is a wonderful flaky that appears in yellow and orange with a opaque kind of base. It's really pretty and super sparkly.  It isn't runny or streaky and it goes on very nicely. This is probably my favorite.
Now on my pinky I had a very similar polish it's Petites in Peach Orchid.  This is another great flaky that appears in yellow, orange, and green.  It has a peach base and is lovely.  It's extremely sparkly and really flashes in the light.
And lastly on my thumb I put a Nailene peach based holographic micro shimmer. This is a super pretty color, but it's probably the worst smelling one in my collection. It also has the longest dry time. But the consistency is nice and it isn't streaky.  I got this in a French Manicure Set and it doesn't have a name.
These are all excellent polishes to use to change up your mani a little bit or to add a little something to a drab color.  I also use these in to aide in the mixing of my frankens :)

I hope you enjoyed this post and you come back for more.  Sorry again about the picture quality but I am working with what I have.  Have a wonderful day and wear your brightest smile! :)


  1. Hmmm. I'm a sucker for holos and flakies. Will have to check those Petites out. Did you get them at Wally World?