Friday, March 16, 2012

My Franken Friday!

I absolutely am in love with this color! I started off with a 3/4 full bottle of IsaDora in Colibri, which was as you can see below a very transparent and sort of iridescent light blue color with some blue and silver shimmers, which do not pick up well with my camera phone :( but here are the pictures of before:


Direct Sunligh
So I took that and I added quite a bit of a purple eye shadow that I picked up yesterday and just a hint of a bright pink, here are the end results!

I think it should be called "almost holofied" or "almost holoed" not sure which, but it has the holo look!

This is such a pretty color! it's a kind of blueish purple color with all kinds of shimmer in there!

Well I hope you enjoyed my first real Franken polish I know I did.  Please leave me some feedback on this I would love to hear what you think!

Hope you come to check out more posts and Have a wonderful day :)

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