Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sinful Colors: Let's Talk

Here's a review on Sinful Colors in Let's Talk.  This is a very deep purple that has purple and red micro shimmers in it.  It looks great in the bottle and on the nails. The first coat is a little bit transparent and a tad streaky, but as it dries it generally evens out.  After the second coat you have a nice even color that is completely opaque. It has a great consistency.  The red shimmers that are in it really give it the extra something that I am always looking for in nail colors.  I really enjoy wearing this color especially when it is sunny and the red catches the light.  Wonderful color as with most of the Sinful Colors that I have.
If you are looking for a deep purple that is affordable but long lasting this is your color right here. Here are some pictures (slightly crappy but the best I can do with my picture phone).

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  1. This is what is on my nails right now! I love it, it's so pretty.