Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is for Beyond Beauty Lounge!

So I tried to do something close to your "pic".  This is what I came up with. (I wish I had my other camera and someone else to take the pics because it would look at least 10x better)

So there it is let me know what you think! Will be trying this again when I get a better camera, because these pics don't do it justice!
Wanna know what I used: yeah me too! no just kidding. Here's how I did it:
 I started with a basecoat of foundation I use CoverGirl Clean in buff beige, then I put on a my Mary Kay Eye Primer. Then I did a light cover with the white color from my L.A. Colors eye palette EP24 Unforgettable over the entire eyelid top and bottom.  After that I put a small dab of water on my hand and mixed in my Fantasy Makers Split Personality Duo Eye Color #11333 Afterdark the silver color to a paste and applied that to the lower lid only.  Then I used the dry of Rimmel Glam Eyes in Night Jewel.  I then used a bit more concealer to go around my eyes and "clean up" the shimmer from the eye shadows.  Then I applied my CoverGirl Clean powder.  After that I applied semi thick line top and bottom with my L.A. Colors Eyeliner in black.  Then I coated my eyelashes with my Maybelline waterproof Great Lash in very black.  I used a combination of Avon's Ultra Rich Color in Classic Nude with Rimmels Vinyl Gloss in I'm not sure what color because it's worn off the tube its a very light pink shimmer color.

Again Please let me know what you think! Tips, feedback, whatever!

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