Saturday, March 3, 2012

Revlon Review! With a little L.A. Colors

Alright lets get started before I get sidetracked looking at something else that sparkles! I just did my nails with Revlon's #925 Gold Coin. It went on very well, probably could have only used one coat, but went with two anyway! Absolutely love this color. The dry time was excellent it dries really fast. Which is always a plus in my house, I have young kids so if it's not fast, it's not happening! I did one accent nail on each hand with L.A. Colors BLQ365 Berry Red. This took 3 coats before I was mostly satisfied with the color. The dry time was excellent though which made the 3 coats go on quickly. So I am pretty satisfied with both of these colors. Although I did this last night and then went to bed and I have to say the Revlon dries harder and faster because it was a good 3 hours later that I went to bed and this morning I did have faint sheet marks on the L.A. Colors fingers but not really deep ones.  Here are a couple of pictures. These were taken last night so I knew they wouldn't be messed up for my post!
Remember this is my opinion and these are polishes I bought with my own money or that I borrowed from someone who bought them.

Please give me some feedback and let me know what you think!!

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