Wednesday, March 14, 2012

DG body Moisture Rich Conditioner

I picked this up at Dollar General, because I was out of my conditioner, I usually use TRESemme.  This is supposed to be comparable to that.  So I am letting you know what I think! Alright we will start with the sent: there is only a slight difference in the scent, the DG has a little bit of a "soapy" scent to it. Not at all a bad thing, just not quite as fragrant as the TRESemme.  Color and consistency wise: DG is a bit more opaque than TRESemme and TRESemme kind of has a shimmer which DG does not; TRESemme is a bit thicker than DG is, but it actually took less DG to coat my hair than it does TRESemme.  It felt like the DG washed out better or cleaner also.  And when I brushed my hair I noticed fewer tangles with the DG.  So all in all I think this was a great buy! And I will gladly continue to use it and save a few bucks here and there with this product.

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